So What Do You Think Of The New Airbus A380?

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  • Bas

    6of9 it already flew!! and it flew like a dream according to the test pilots.

    Frog, good points, I think as oil is getting more expensive less people will fly, but with this efficient plane it will be possible to offset it somewhat. Btw, I love your avatar b

  • SixofNine

    :6of9 it already flew!!

    hah hah hah! Good one. You Europeans are such kidders. Not all Texans are as stupid as the president y'know. I'm sure they did a great job photoshopping it into the sky though.

  • Bas

    We'll never be able to eclipse the photoshop-job the Americans did on sept 11th, brilliant move!

  • SixofNine

    Hey, we fooled Tony Blair at least.

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    I think it's a pretty cool plane. There should be room in the market for both the A380 and the Boeing project if the forecasted stats for airtravel in the future are correct.

    I have a suspicion though that your choice of ticket on the A380 will either be a cheapo ticket on a cramped flight with 800 other passengers or a very expensive ticket with cocktail lounges and internet bars and nothing in between.

  • 95stormfront
    We'll never be able to eclipse the photoshop-job the Americans did on sept 11th, brilliant move!
    Hey, we fooled Tony Blair at least.


  • hillbilly
    Amazingly i heard that on its Test Flight today,all the Crew were issued with Parachutes!

    'Chutes are SOP for any Test Flying.

    Eman....that's a big chunk of tin. But for me if it's not Boeing I dont go

    The English have done some milestones in Aviation... like the Comet airliner...first viable jet. Grounded 'cause the wings fell off all the time.

    Then the RAF-Royal Navy version of the U S F-4... I dont know how you guys did it but you made one of the best fighters of all time heavier, slower and way less range than the US spec....

    Britain and the Lucas automotive electrical system....Need I say more?


  • jschwehm


    My father-in-law is a quality control engineer that consults for Boeing and also has had many dealings with Airbus as well.

    He is an expert in dealing with what they call Rogue Computer units for these large airplanes. The problem is that the planes are getting so complicated with the computer units that the mechanics often times have a hard time figuring out what is wrong with a airplane. It is not uncommon for mechanics to put these defective computer parts on a plan that they do not realize is defective.

    My father-in-law says that the new Airbus plane will be very popular for the first few years but once the parts start to get old and they start having serious maintenance issues that Airbus will probably go bankrupt trying to keep up with all of the Rogue computer parts they will eventually have to replace and airlines will not buy the plane because of the long times it will take to maintain such a complicated aircraft.

    Jeff S.

  • Simon

    Canada has just spend about $6b on Boeing's vision of the future. I think they are right.

  • DanTheMan

    Airbus keeps raising their estimated number of them that they will need to sell just to break even, they're up to 300 now.

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