So What Do You Think Of The New Airbus A380?

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  • Englishman

    Looks a real stunner IMHO. 22 wheels? Wow!

    Bigger than a Jumbo too. Gosh!

    I'm delighted because the successful flight yesterday brings lots of work into this part of the UK. The wings, landing gear and Rolls Royce engines are all built in the West Country. 'Course, when the Americans buy the plane, which they will do eventually, I suppose they'll have to make do with the rattly old Pratt & Whitneys..


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Amazingly i heard that on its Test Flight today,all the Crew were issued with Parachutes!

    "Made in Britain".

  • lonelysheep

    I think that's a lot people on that plane if something doesn't go right. And the good: it looks luxurious inside!

    I can't spell.

  • Leolaia

    I think it looks like a massive Zeppelin with wings.

    And talking about Zeppelins, it looks like a big target to me. Anyone else have such a fear? Eight hundred is a lot of people for a terrorist with a SLM to aim at. :(

    Also, they say because of the increased flight load, it will take much longer to board, to exit the plane, and to retrieve luggage at the carousel. Just something to bear in mind...

  • Bas

    I think it's pretty kewl, and it's efficient too. Can't wait to get on one. It's a thing Europeans can be proud of, I like it for thatb

  • dannyboy

    Great to hear of technological progress.

    Wondering how they will deal with gettin' all those folks on board, not to mention the issue of sufficient "waiting room" space at the airport....

    The Airbus approach to flight control makes me uneasy....not sure about the A380, but with the other models, the computer systems actually fly the plane, with the pilots managing the computers.....the Boeing approach is the other way around, with the pilots flying, with the aid of the computer systems.

    Of course if the computer systems really, really take a dump, I'm guessing I as a passenger would be in deep doo-doo with either plane...:)


  • Honesty

    Can I be forgiven of covetnousness?

  • dannyboy

    A further thought:

    When the 747 was introduced, the thought was the maximum "exposure" to potential passenger loss would be if two of the things collided, a seemingly far-out event. Until the incident at Tenerife...

    So I suppose if two A380's collided there could be as many as 1600 fatalities in one incident. Mind boggling....but one of those technological improvements/changes that requires updating one's thinking.


  • Simon

    Yeah, I love being transferred from my regional airport to a main hub, like heathrow, so that I can be kept waiting for hours and expected to spend more money in the terminal ...

    It may be 'amazing' but I'm sorry, the 380 maybe good for airlines and airports (the ones that can cope with a queue of 700+ passengers!) but it is not good for passengers.

    I prefer the Boeing approach of direct regional-to-regional airport flights. A much nicer way to travel

  • LittleToe

    If the end result is cheaper flights then it sounds good to me.
    Computers are getting faster and more efficient, and I'm not aware that Airbus use Micro$oft Windows, onboard, so we should be good to go

    Air travel continues to be the statistically safer way to travel.
    Bear in mind that every plane crash gets reported, due to its catastrophic nature. How many do you really recall?

    Concorde only had one accident in it's entire history (granted it put it out of business).

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