in about fifty-two minutes time...

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  • zaphod
    zaphod gran, who has been a jw since the 1950's will be reproved publicly for speaking to her grand-daughter who is disfellowshipped.(not me, another one)

    she is 77 years old and i am worried that it will be the death of her. the"truth" has been her life for nearly fifty years and she is still a regular publisher.

    if she continues to commit this gross sin she will be disfellowshipped.

    her daughter and son in law are to be disfellowshipped for the terrible sin of allowing their daughter to live under their roof since she left her husband. other members of the congration have harboured their own children without such reproof.

    she has attended all the meetings for the last 18 months and still is not reinstated

    their other daughter, a "faithful" sister is due to have her first baby next month. with her parents are both df'd, how will she cope?

    just thought i would share that with you all

    it's about 45 minutes now

    my thoughts are with you gran


  • minimus

    I hate these "people".

  • Mulan

    How terrible. So sorry for your family and the way this religion treats its own faithful ones.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    ((((for all your family)))

  • lilbit

    Well maybe this will be a wake up call for your family.

  • freedom96

    It is situations like this that remind me that there is no way in hell that the WTS is God's earthly only organization.

  • zaphod

    it will have been announced by now.

    i hope that she hasn't taken it too hard. she'll be devastated.


  • purplesofa

    Let us know how she is doing please.

  • Jez

    It is because of stories like this that I come here. To give ear to people that have been treated so. Most JWs would just turn the other way and they prefer not to know that shit like this goes on. All in the name of God. These stories show the true perversion of the words "Christian Love".

    I am sick about this and will not forget or look away just because I wish it did not happen. Jez

  • GetBusyLiving

    I'm sorry but I gotta say this - these f**kers are insane! A 77 YEAR OLD WOMAN BEING PUBLICALLY HUMILIATED FOR SPEAKING WITH HER GRANDAUGHTER. I cannot even compute this. What type of Christians ARE these people? What can they possibly be thinking??


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