Do you ever wish you were a Moron?

by GetBusyLiving 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • integ

    ....and then on the way home, I ran over an old lady who was riding a scooter. Wooooopsy daisy.


  • EvilForce

    I think sometimes it would be easier being a moron. Someone who really doesn't think too much. I have a few friends that I love dearly but they are a bit daft. However, they tend to be of the very happy but very dumb class. Very similar to a bunch of golden retrievers. What they need to be happy is so small comparatively it's worth noting. I think we sometimes overthink things to our own detriment. It's the price you pay for being smart and thoughtful I guess. Am I making any sense?

    And Q not to demean your faith...but Joe Bob Smith as the greatest prophet ever is a big stretch. Buddha would be insulted :)

  • JW83

    Sometimes I wish I was a moron - like EF said, they're usually happier than people like me, who never stop THINKING ...

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