My daughter is so confused

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  • Joyzabel

    I agree with Old Soul...teach her critical thinking. As JWs we never learned it ourself, but maybe you can find some books her age level to start with. When she learns critical thinking in life situations, she'll apply it to the JWs and see all the false reasoning, strawmen, circular reasoning, etc.

    Also, very importantly, show her unconditional love.

    Try not to attack the JW religion but just get her to reason on why she believes something. Otherwise, she'll learn to build fences around her religion and her thinking and won't let you in.

    Good luck.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Welcome Laine! Interesting post....

  • DanTheMan
    We have been teaching Zach (our 6-year-old) that people have different opinions, and that sometimes they state their opinions as if they were facts. Like the voting question. The question, "Why is it important to vote?" presupposes that it is. Some people don't agree. You could explain to your daughter that the question is probably better worded, "Why do people that vote do so?" Then she can talk about someone else, rather than herself, her mom, etc.

    Dave, you're a goddam genius bro I LOVE YOU MAN

    My sister is going through a similar situation with her son, who is getting a very heavy-handed religious indoctrination from his dad and stepmom and their goofball Pentecostal church, and my sis is going through a lot of the same hand-wringing "what do I do" stuff that you are going through. It's tough man, I don't know if I have a lot of advice to give. A child will gravitate toward the parent that they feel the most free to be their true self around. JW indoctrination is heavily geared towards instilling a persecution complex (as you have likely discerned), so tread lightly.

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