Are the jws asocial?

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  • LongHairGal

    I would have to say that yes they are asocial. They are in a controlled environment or a bubble so to speak. The fact that they seem to socialize with other dubs doesn't mean much because it only seems that way.

    We all know that a real conversation and a free exchange of ideas is frowned and most of them are paranoid and watching their backs so therefore they are not really relating to you when they talk. So generally speaking I would have to say yes.

  • iiz2cool

    I was very sociable before I was a JW. At 25 I got baptized, and over the next 20 years I became progressively less sociable. During my last few years as a JW I preferred to stay home rather than go to any JW functions. I knew damn well they disliked me as much as I disliked them. The only reason I went to any JW functions was because it was the only way to stop my wife's nagging me about it.

    Now my social life consists of visiting my mom once every 2 weeks, meeting up with a friend once a month or so, and my activity on this board. Beyond that, all I do is hang out with my bird.

    After 20 years as a JW, where no one was interested in being my friend, I adapted and have learned to prefer solitude.


  • upside/down

    Yes.... and here's why... you cannot be yourself, even in a "social" setting, it's anything but "social".

    You're required to watch every word and be criticial of EVERYTHING said and to file it away to use later in judging.

    It's like going to a communist political rally in the USSR or China.... you will tow the part line or dissent... or even questioning of anything.... this means all conversations are very shallow and guarded.... freedom of speech is only if that speech supports the party line.

    The Dubs not only discourage any divergent thoughts they're AFRAID of them... it's mentally unhealthy and explains their aversion to education... since it encouraged critical thinking and making a belief or assertion be proven in a forum where it can be openly exposed and dissected for all to see what the "truth" of the matter is...


  • love11

    Well said upside/down.

    Even if jw's don't want to admit it to anyone else, they know in their hearts that is true.

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