What is the Real Financial Cost of a Circuit Assembly?

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  • tetrapod.sapien

    just a thought: perhaps the rest goes to "demon tax"?

    but seriously, i agree with AlmostAtheist, they are usually a couple of thousand bucks in the hole before the doors even open at 8 A.M.

  • catchthis

    It has been mentioned here many times before --- You will never hear the brother say, "...and we have a surplus in the amount of $$$."

    Instead, they ALWAYS say, "...which leaves us with a deficit of $$$." I would love for someone to prove me wrong(record it).

    Dig deeeep mah bruthas an sistahs!!

  • jst2laws

    Hello Fairmind,

    When I was involved, they served food at the Circuit Assm cafeteria. This often cost about $1000 to purchase. Then they always have to spent 2 to 5 hundred on plants to decorate the stage.

    As evil force mentioned there are CO and DO expenses. This is a two week expense because the DO spends a week with the CO (scrutiny time for the CO) before the assembly week. Then whatever extra expenses the CO has incurred since the last assembly must be covered, such as insurance, new tires, etc. Many circuits now provide apartments for CO's. Even if it is in a KH, that KH will usually receive compensation from the circuit since it is a circuit expense. This too is covered by the income from circuit assemblies.

    And as pointed out, caretakers are not free. While paid Bethel wages they have all their personal expenses paid by the circuits that use the WT assembly hall. This is more or less presented as a bill to the circuits.

    The grim fact is, it is far cheaper to use civic centers. They typically cost about $1500 for a week-end. They have events going even during the week days to cover their costs. JW assembly halls lay empty. Community Centers owned by local govts are more willing to operate at costs since their main purpose is to bring in bed tax money by sponsoring events. And they do not feel obliged to send $500 to $2000 each week to the Watchtower Society.

    Perhaps the reasons for going to Assembly Hall operations instead of using local facilities is more obvious now.


    Ps, The Houston Tx Blain Wilson, City Overseer, swung a deal where the bros would cover the Astro Dome floor with ply-wood to be covered with dirt for the Tractor Pulls and Truck Shows. In exchange for the labor they got the Astro Dome several times a year for ONE Dollar. Now they have their own Assm Hall which cost tens of millions. I hear it is a real struggle now to pay for it.

  • Elsewhere

    I'm wondering if those over the accounting department would be willing to release an itemized ledger sheet describing where funds came from and how the funds were spent.

    Maybe someone here who still attends conventions could try asking.

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  • Emma
    are they paid for their time.

    No, they're not paid. And moreover, when a husband dies, the wife who may have been doing the actual organizing and managing, has to move out.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Since the WBTS gets all the work done for free by its members, all they need is the cost of parts or items; this translated in $$$ wouldn't be much at all.

    However, let's not forget the very important truth that assemblies are nothing more than $$$-gathering events for the coffers of the WBTS.


  • The Thinker
    The Thinker

    In Australia we also have the same kind of Financial report, and its cost about $3000 for our Circuit Assembly, So I asked the same question, WHY SO MUCH?. The answer that I got made sense, the cost mainly comes from "Council Rates", I don't know what you call them in the USA, but any property gets charged Land Rates and depending on the value of the property the rates can be very high, this then has to be divided over the days that the Hall is used, and when you consider it the Hall isn't used much at all over the 365 days years, its porbably at best used for about a sixth of that time, so the cost of the Rates which are shared over the congo's can seem quiet high. I hope I've explained the point.

  • catchthis
    Now they have their own Assm Hall which cost tens of millions.

    The first time I stepped foot into that "Education Center," I was blown away. They spared no expense. The place is even a small museum of sorts. They had very old(and very rare) books, magazines, phonographs, etc. inside glass cases. Rosenberg, TX is the place. I wouldn't doubt that they spent over 10 mil for it.

  • ezekiel3

    For the first time I recall, the most recent CA actually itemized the "resolution amount" (for the world-wide-work). Of course this amount was preset during the elder's meeting without the concensus of the rest of the congregation. Besides, no one was listening to the annoucement anyway. All they heard was "$5,000 deficit."

    The announcement explained that:

    1. The previous assembly day had $1100 expenses.
    2. For that assembly day, the elders resolved to contribute $4000 to the www.
    3. This left the circuit with a couple hundred dollars.
    4. This circuit assembly expense was $1800.
    5. The elders resolved to contribute $4500 to the www.
    6. Thus we have a deficit of $5,000.

    It is true that Assembly Halls take their annual expenses and divide that amount amoung the circuits that attend there. Considering there are sometimes 2-3 apartments on the property (CO, DO, caretaker) there will be consistant expenses.

    But let's take an average of $1500 expenses per week. That's $6450 per month (1500 x 4.3) for 3 apartments and an auditorium that's only on during the weekends. IMO that's way too expense.

    But that's ignoring the real cash cow, and the real reason for these events: the $3000-4000 donation generated at every assembly day.

    Follow the money...

  • FairMind
    assemblies are nothing more than $$$-gathering events for the coffers of the WBTS

    That is my take as well. While the flowers do cost a couple of hundred dollars this is normally recouped by those who "After" the assembly donate to acquire them. The caretaker at the assembly hall is getting a free ride. He has a very nice spacious apartment, well furnished and does little if any real work. I would love to audit the expense list and know for a fact what makes up the $4,000. I think I would find the above quote to be the answer. IMO

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