Two Camps, always Two Camps!

by Blueblades 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • Satanus

    Ya, thank god for the atheists. Anyways, blueblades, i'm in your camp, more or less. Hope i'm not crowding you there by the campfire. In the end, i don't think it matters a real lot which camps people are in. They all die and go, or don't go where they go


  • Carmel

    Ultimately we all make such decisions on the information we have been exposed to. I took the same course as many, questioning, questioning, finally throwing in the towel and declaring agnosticism. Couldn't claim the atheist belief as it was as dogmatic as the theist position. Just too much for a person to resolve on the dependable information availble. Time helps. Wait around with an open mind for ten years. Be an omnivorous reader and inquirer. You will eventually settle into a mindset and hopefully be content and at peace with yourself.

    Above all, be scientific, that is, always willing to re-examine your assumptions when exposed to a new paradigm or data set.

    I wish you well.

    carmel of the "no longer anxious" class

  • Bas

    thanks for the "age of reason" link, new worldly translation , it's sublime reading!! (but that's my revelation, you only have it from hearsayb

  • JAVA
    After being a JW it's incredibly difficult to let go of thoughts and promises that were so real to us for so long. I've been out about 3 years too the same as you and I'm thinking maybe we are in a settling down period. After having our world shook up when leaving the JW's we are in the process of finding our niche and can then re-evaluate our hopes and goals in life. I take consolation in the fact that I may not know where the road I'm on is taking me but it's better then the one I was on before.

    I've really enjoyed reading the various thoughts expressed in this thread. Translation's comments express my feelings on the topic. The idea that we need to be in one camp or another limits the possiblities while seeking a niche. I'm hopeful that whatever path I find will not become another deep rut. Questions about is there a god or not, life after death, what does it all mean, etc., can offer a lifetime of seeking and wonder. The day that I jump into one camp, and say that's it, is the day that seeking and wonder stops. What kind of fun is that?

  • Blueblades

    . Carmel, and all of you ,thanks for your comments

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