The Evil Slave ...Oh..A Question, Also..

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  • greendawn

    There is no doubt in my mind that Rutherford and his successors are moved by the spirit of the evil slave in its purest form, the way they are lording it over and excluding everyone else from having a say in this org makes it clear enough, even the so called fellow annointed enjoy no respect from them save the occasional lip service.

    They are controlled by a boundless lust for power and by this they show how little they believe that the end is near. As people here often say they are running a multi billion dollar business not a spiritual paradise, the two don't mix.

  • loosie

    My mom always told me there were headquartered in Florida. I wonder who is in Florida that she didn't want me to know about.

  • blondie

    loosie, that's only the retired ones.


  • Eyebrow2

    Now I really REALLY want an "Evil Slave" tshirt.

  • LittleToe

    Though the definition is used loosely, Blonde is right in that it was use for "anointed" who left, especially if they became opposers.

    It's main application was in the split in 1919, after Rutherford's coup, with the subsequent formation "Bible Student" groups (rr could tell you more, but he hasn't posted since Feb, and was sporadic before that). I suspect it was one of these groups that met in the upstairs hall (a really strange set of affairs!).

    The JWs are generally paranoid about organised "apostate" groups, especially around the time of the District Assembies. It gives them a thrill of excitement to think there might be an opportunity to "make a stand for Jehovah" by shunning these ones. But you know this already

    LT, of the "Evil Slave" class

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