Attendant ever treat you like a child at convention?

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  • tijkmo
    Never have I heard of an assembly where it was too cold

    never been to scotland then

  • donald

    yea at the silverdome convention in 92...i heard a attendent..say he was the eqaul..of a polciman..and these cattle had to be told what to do during rude...donald

  • love2Bworldly

    Do any of the ladies remember sometimes they would tape over the mirrors in the women's restrooms? To prevent spending too much time idolizing oneself and not listening to the crappy program.

  • DevonMcBride

    It sounds like the attendants are on a power trip. The little bit of responsibility goes to their head.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    I actually think the Car Park Attendants were the worse.The last DA i went to at Twickers was about the first Year the Programme was broadcast over the Radio.Myself and my then Girlfriend (my last JW girlfriend,but a great laugh)were bored so went and sat in Her car to listen and have a Coffee too.Yes we were genuinely listening not just skiving lol....

    Anyhoo,this officious little Moron had moved from his little Hut and positioned himself ..with his walkie talkie of course...right near us, to us it seemed he was keeping an eye on us both.I wouldnt have minded but we were by no means the only ones with the same idea!!He kept covertly whispering in his walkie talkie all the while making shifty little glances at us. All he needed were dark Glasses and a fine Secret service member he would have made(and a bigger build)....silly little dweeb.He didnt move from his spot till we went back to our seats just before the closing Song!!Maybe he was hoping for some voyeuristic action.

    I looked for him on the way out try to run over his toes!Lol

    But it also used to strike me as funny how it needed 3 or 4 Attendants to help one park ones Car.A manouvere most of us do many times a day.

    funny what ya remember aint it.

  • hillbilly

    No --but not for a lack of trying on their part. It's always amazing how a the polite version of "screw off and F87K your self" works on attendents.

    Aside.... I did work Assembly accounting for several years in the security section... picking up contribution boxes, watching boxes, picking up tickets from food stands etc. I was bearded (skin problems) and in good standing.

    The butt- chewing I gave a Food Stand Overseeer for not surrendering his tickets was priceless. Even though I showed him my ID and had a partner he figured "anyone with a beard couldnt be on the up and up"..... Then the "brother" I reported to gave him a go.....what sport!

    Sheep and their shepherds........


  • diamondblue1974
    Simon stepped in a taught him a new phrase Then a while later we decided to take the lift, rather than me having to walk up the stairs to the top of the stand and then right down again to the front to get underneath the seating area where they the mother's room was - little attendent stops the doors closing and tells us to get out of the lift its for attendents only ! Simon taught him an even more colourful phrase We went home early shorty after that !

    And here was I thinking Simon was quiet....I like his style....

    Attendants were always complete arses; if any of you out there remember Northenden Assembly Hall in Manchester and where the toilets were situated (either side of the platform mid way down the isle)....I seem to remember there was always an attendant each side of the toilets and this one particular day i must have been around 4 times with the same attendant being there at each time.

    He had the audacity to look at his watch as I approached and shook his though I had no right to be there...he didnt know where to look when I told him I had the was a complete lie...but hillarious to say the least.

  • BluesBrother

    Plenty of times.

    I visited East Penine Assembly Hall this year. The first thing I encounter is a sister being harshly told ,by an anal retentive pratt with a suit and a badge (talking over her phone call), that she has to go outside to use her mobile phone. and this was mid day break time.

    We have been hassled about where we can sit, where we can stand, where we can park . I do not know of any other gathering at which one is treated this way . I mean , if you attend a football match, the stewards only hassle you if you start a commotion , why are dubs needing to be herded.. (silly me, I forgot that they were sheep)

    To be fair, I have done the job and it is not always easy to balance a common sense attitute with the demands of your "captain" who says you must keep your area clear - but I did try to help rather than hinder

  • lilbit
    Never have I heard of an assembly where it was too cold

    Ours were always too hot and then too cold it was like a woman with menopause ran the a/c.

    The attendants always just walked around with signs saying be seated or be quiet and glared at people

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    The last District Assembly I attended was at the Vet in Philadelphia, which was the worse place to hold anything.

    This is when there was still food service at the assemblies. Well, lo and behold, they ran out of food. I went to stand after stand to try to get something to eat for me and my wife, but there was just nothing available. Not even a bag of fruit.
    So, as a last resort, I went outside the stadium to one of the hot dog vendors. As soon as I got there, I was approaced by one of those little ass kissing attendants saying that I shouldn't purchase food outside of the stadium because Jehovah had provided so much food inside the stadium. I told him that all stands I went to were out of food, and if he was inside the stadium, he would know that. Of course, he didn't believe me and ORDERED me not to buy a hot dog from the vendor. I just looked at him and turned to the vendor and said, 2 dogs please, mustard and onions. The vendor was like, you got it sir. Funny, because a line started to form behind me of people wanting to purchase hot dogs from this guy. The little ass kisser was pissed, to say the least.

    Not only that, but my daughter was about 6 months old at the time, and the stadium was so HOT. (anybody who ever attended an assembly at the Vet KNOWS what I mean). So, I took my daughter inside so she wouldn't have to sit in the broiling sun. Place after place, some shmoe attendant would come up and say that I couldn't sit here, or I couldn't stand here, or whatever. I finally got so fed up that I told the last guy to basically F**k off. I was pretty much fed up with the religion at that time anyway, but that day, I vowed NEVER to attend an assembly ANYWHERE ever again. And I've kept my word. And, I'm much happier about it.

    But, just curious. I don't recall the men's room mirrors being covered like the Ladies room. Did the sisters ever rip the coverings off the mirrors?

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