Bookstudy Group Disbanded......haha

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  • kwintestal
    anyone else know of bookstudies in your area where they're having to merge due to the uh...lack of appreciation?

    Hmm, good question. I really have no idea because I really haven't been for a while! I really do have to improve my meeting attendance. I'd hate for them to disolove the group I go to.


  • Scully
    Sorry was temptation beyond what I could bear........

    I know what you mean, Mary. I really do. But your topic is important in its own right and it deserves far better than to be brought down to the level of a flame war started by someone trying to cause trouble.

    Cheers, Scully

  • love11

    [off topic remarks deleted]

    Yay....Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • IP_SEC

    Am I the only one who hears Nelson Muntz' voice when I read the "haha" at the end of this threads subject line?

  • blondie
  • hopelesslystained

    The bookstudy was always at our house while growing up. Dad was the cong overseer. I never could understand how Mom could pull it all off after their arguments prior to the study hour and being "Bitch slapped" by him. The conductor was a wonderful fella of the annointed, I aways felt he should have recieved info from the great Jah that things were really very bad in our house. It should have been disbanded, I would have been happy for that. Apparently the Almighty was not active in our area.

  • blondie

    I wonder how many of the rank and file know what a challenge it is for the secretary (?) to figure out who goes to what book study.


    (3) Families who have in their home must go to their own home (The concept is too that they will most likely go on a regular basis and are "spriitually" strong.)


    (3) Send a conductor if he is not in first family, his wife and any children


    (2) Send a MS or another brother capable of conducting/reading, wife, and any children


    (1) Send one regular pioneer (usually single sister)


    (2-3) Send one problem family usually a single sister with children who has sporadic attendance


    (2-3) Send one problem intact family, usually a father, mother and 2 children. The father is on restrictions so he can't read or conduct; intermittent attendance.


    (-4) Family independent assigned to book study but prefer Elder Blowhard's conducting style.

    Usually only the first 6 people show up on a regular basis.


  • Mary

    Am I the only one who hears Nelson Muntz' voice when I read the "haha" at the end of this threads subject line?

    That ain't no coincidence.......I'm sure when the CO hears what's happened, his only comment will be:


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