Please welcome Tyler to the board

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  • Frog

    WELCOME Tyler!!!

  • burnthepig

    Hidey-Ho! Tyler...

    I've been out for a few years.. and have been dying for this myselff...

    You'll find every funny, positive, inquisitive aspect of these guys just what the doctor ordered.

    Hope you enjoy & have fun along the way..

    The Pig....(A favorite song of mine!)

  • fairchild

    welcome to the forum, tyler.

  • tyler m
    tyler m

    thanks for the welcome everyone.

  • Carmel

    Lo Ty!

    Good to have ya here! Let myself at age 15, so can relate to what you are going through. Create your own "family" over time. They will likely be more loyal and loving than blood relatives that are UUs.


  • confusedjw

    Tyler - tell us a secret about Unbeliever

  • tyler m
    tyler m


    There should be some kind of law that dfing should not be allowed so young or banned all together. I know it will never happen in this country. I was 13 my first time. I've been out for 9 years so I have made a new life for myself and have friends who I consider to be my family. It's all good.


    I will answer that question in a couple of weeks. I am staying at her house right now while my house is being remodeled. She might kick me out and then I will have to pay for a hotel. I'm way to cheap.

  • HadEnuf

    Welcome aboard Tyler!

    Cathy L.

  • sandy

    Welcome Tyler.

    I just read your bio. I must say I wish I was as bright as you at 13. I fed into all the JW nonsense up until very recently.

    Welcome again!!!

  • outnfree

    Hi, Tyler!

    Welcome to JWD. How bright you are!


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