Would you share a winning lottery ticket???..help please

by morty 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • AlmostAtheist
    He wanted half of it after you loaned him $10, and he got the ticket with your money?! Hell no, he's fortunate you gave him $50 when you didn't have to at all! Let him be pissed.

    Yeah, I'm kinda with this line of reasoning. You went WAY over being nice by giving him anything at all. To stare at that gift and ask, "Where's the rest of it?" shows a strong entitlement spirit. Has your brother been handed much of what he has? Is he employed? Educated? You didn't owe him anything, yet he feels you "owe" him half. This entitlement attitude has to be coming from somewhere. Is that his normal way of handling things? When you go out to dinner, does he expect you to pay for it? Dave

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Half? No. Only half if he paid for half the ticket.
    $50 bucks for just going inside to purchase the ticket with your money is MORE than fair.

  • stopthepain

    money makes people do some strange things.That is my opinion.

  • IP_SEC

    See all the trouble you have when you ignore godly wisdom? tisk tisk. It is clear Jehovah has withdrawn his holy spirit from you.

    Sorry, that was no help at all was it?

  • TheListener

    What are you talking about? That was my ticket I dropped it on the counter and forgot to pick it up. You owe me $250 plus my gas mileage.

    Don't share half. It was your money - $50 bucks is generous.

    I buy lottery tickets because I always thought Satan would want me to win big to put Jehovah's name in a bad light. Hasn't worked yet.

  • love2Bworldly

    He sounds like a selfish pig. He just happened to be going to the store with you and you were the one buying the ticket. He should have used the $10 you gave him to buy his own ticket. LOL

  • Mulan
    He spent YOUR money for the ticket didn't he? He's lucky to get anything...unless he PAID HALF UP FRONT!

    This is my feelings, exactly. It was nice of you to give him $50. His expecting anything is pretty presumptious of him. He should be thrilled with the $50.

  • under74

    Don't call her brother a pig....she can call him one but you can't. That's family law-- no matter what they're fighting about.

  • love2Bworldly

    Morty---under74 is right, I apologize for calling your brother a name, I don't know why I said that.

    I have an excuse--I am PMS'ing

  • EvilForce

    Ok, he's not a pig..... he's a selfish, self-involved BASTARD.

    This is a good lesson to learn. NEVER tell your family how much money you make, have, or in savings. This only invites greed.

    I see it everyday w/ people suing people because of a small fender / bender. The sense of entitlement is overwhelming.

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