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  • rebel8

    This is what other poor college students do:

    • Take out a student loan to cover food and housing in addition to whatever tuition you have to pay. This is allowed.
    • Skimp on food. If you're buying your own food instead of going on the college's cafeteria plan, you can save a ton. Learn how to cook and get a hotplate/microwave/toaster oven for your dorm. Eat less meat and buy less expensive cuts (if that can be cooked on a hotplate, I don't know). Don't eat out often. Anything pre-made is usually more expensive as well. I survived college on beans, rice, and vegetables from the farmer's market. It can be done, just depends on how badly you want to finish college and be financially independent at the same time.
    • Skimp on other expenses. You can get dial up internet access for free. Do you really need a cell phone? If so, is there a way you can get a cheaper monthly plan? And what about that pricey car insurance? Check other carriers' rates; quotes are free. Better yet, get rid of your car! Check out free entertainment stuff your college offers, and do more of those things and less of the pricey stuff. Rent movies instead of going to the theatre.
  • RichieRich

    Congratulations Brother!

    Enjoy your freedom... It has been well earned. Go make money, come home in 20 years... and dangle it in all the window washers, car detailors, and janitors faces! You'll show them.


  • freedom96

    You can check out student loans. If you are a full time student they can also give you some money for living expenses.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    You should've been patient until you were done with a basic college education, even if only a 2-year Associate's Degree to start.

    It would've gotten your foot in the door of good employment and then you could've completed your Bachelors at night or on weekends.

    That's exactly what's wrong with young people today. No patience whatsoever. I foresee you becoming a WBTS self-fulfilling prophecy of misery.

    It's not too late to backtrack.


  • simplesally

    $325 for insurance??? You need to get a new insurance company!

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