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  • tsunami_rid3r

    So I dont have to go to meetings anymore and they arent going to control my life. But freedom comes at a price. Ill have to pay my bills which come out to be $440 per month until July, after July it will be $500 a month not including college. Ill have support most of the finances for college by myself. College will cost about $20,000 including dorms. I will also need to pay $500 per month in college not cluding college expenses. If I go to the meetings sometimes my dad will help out.

    What should I do to cover these expenses especially college?

  • bikerchic

    Congrats on your freedom, or welcome to the "real" world.

    Apply for grants to help out with financing college and get a scholarship or two or three. Other than that like most college grads you will be paying back student loans for several years after graduation.

    Life sucks then you die..........but at least you'll be smart!

    Wish I had more better news for you, or would that be gooder news?

    Kate (of the never got a college education class)

  • CaptainSchmideo

    Sounds like you will have to find a J-O-B to squeeze in there as well. Nothing worth gaining is without its sacrifices...

  • Billygoat
    Nothing worth gaining is without its sacrifices...

    This is so true! Your education comes with a price. And it's one I wish I'd paid for when I had the chance. Do what you need to do to pursue that'll regret it later if you don't. I'm sure you'll do a great job!

  • tsunami_rid3r

    this is definitely a big help. i love you guys.

    i feel soooo much better now even though i will have to work a hella lot in the future. i feel very much better. for the past week ive been in rage and sadness almost to the point of losing my sanity. i feel so much better.

  • Scully

    How do they come up with the figure of $500 per month? That seems a tad unreasonable to me, especially if you're in school full time. It sounds like your dad wants to keep you working for him, but not have to pay you for it.

    Maybe try bartering for a lower amount for room and board by volunteering to do more chores around the house - lawn mowing, doing dishes, doing your own laundry, and so on. FYI, my 19-year-old pays $200/month for room and board. (He complains that it's "excessive"!) He's using the rest of his earnings for college in the fall. What he doesn't know is that we're putting that money in an investment savings account and when he graduates it's going to turn into a car.

    Start taking inventory of how much your maintenance costs - food, clothing, electricity, water, etc. things that your parents have been paying for, but are now expecting you to help with. The point is that you want to pay for those services that you actually use, and not get gouged in the process.

    In the long run, it may be more economical for you to find other accommodations.

  • tsunami_rid3r


    $25 internet

    $40 cell phone

    $10 phone line

    $325 for car insurance

    thats $440.

    $20,000 is a nice estimate for the college year including housing and food.

    Ive applied FAFSA, still waiting for the results. Ive applied for tons of scholarships. Only got back on 1 and i didnt get it.

    I'm scared what if I dont have enough money while I'm in college, what am I going to do? I can always join the military I guess.

    For this summer I plan on working full time at my dad's restaurant to earn atleast $500 a month, june and july, saving the left overs. When I go into college, I hope to get settled into financial aid somehow, i dont know how thats going to work. But I will probably get a job on campus.

    Dorms will be $1800 per year.

  • JW83

    $325 for car insurance?!! Do you mean car payments?

    Congrats, btw! It'll be worth it in the end!

  • Aude_Sapere

    Tsu -

    I responded on your other thread.

    this is definitely a big help. i love you guys.

    i feel soooo much better now ... i feel very much better. for the past week ive been in rage and sadness almost to the point of losing my sanity. i feel so much better

    So glad you are experiencing this. It's amazing how wonderful this site is.

    even though i will have to work a hella lot in the future.

    Maybe so. But you are also laying a foundation for a hellofa future. You will be so amazingly proud of your accomplishments. Even the little ones.

    Keep exploring. And keep posting.



  • GentlyFeral
    $325 for car insurance

    I do hope you mean car payments! If so - did you buy it new? Consider selling it and getting a good shiny used car that you can own free and clear. We bought ourselves a comfy little minivan, like new, on eBay Motors for $6500 spot cash. At the very least, consider volunteering repossession on the car, unless public transportation in your town is absolutely impossible.

    And do think seriously about getting a job AWAY from your family. I think that'll be one of the biggest things you can do for your mental health. It'll also show your family that you are serious about making your own way.Also, consider deliberately taking more than four years to finish college - even one extra year might give you enough time to work, get your degree, and still have a couple of fresh brain cells left over. Most college grads don't finish college in only four years, anyway.

    And tell your high school counselor about your situation. Some colleges have financial aid especially for students who are kicked out of their parents' houses - which is almost what's happening to you. (unfortunately I can't give you any details about this - I read this in passing some years ago and let it slip through my fingers.)

    g ently f eral

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