Can it be true?

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  • tetrapod.sapien

    hi Neil!

    welcome to the board. you have found a great bunch of people here. i agree with some of the sentiment to take it slowly and easy with disproving "the truth" to yourself. it is an emotionally tumultuous experience, no doubt! you need to find resources that are as neutral as possible. for me, timothy campbell's site,, had a big influence on me because of the way he presents his arguments. but there are lots of good resources out there too.

    Please tell me that there are other ppl out there that feel mixed up with it all?

    yes, there are many.

    best wishes,

  • adelmaal

    Welcome to the family .

    I am sorry you not only had to endure being raised strictly as a JW but also favoritism and abuse at the hands of your father. I can relate to the favoritism and abuse because I had a babysitter from the time I was a baby until I was 6 who just adored my sisters and yet treated me horribly. It was awful and I can't tell you how an adult favoring your siblings and abusing you mentally and physically takes such a toll on your little child psyche. To this day I am not comfortable with leaving my children with a babysitter. They have been in group childcare settings and with family. That is all. I hope you not only heal from the emotional abuse but I also hope that inner child sees how wonderful he is and how smart he is.

    I am glad you have found this site and I wish you well on your journey of free thought and healing.

  • BluesBrother
    Please tell me that there are other ppl out there that feel mixed up with it all?

    welcome to a whole community that has been "mixed up" (politely) by the WTS. We all remember the moment of awakening, the dawn of a new realisation that "Its just not true!" Then a rationalisation, that all those people we have known, including those that we respected, "Could they all be so spectactularly wrong?"

    But Yes, they are all wrong. The tiny closed microworld that we lived in was wrong wrong wrong!.. Mainly decent people, but just as wrong as all the other false religions Isnt it great to start thinking

  • alw

    g,day matey! wa boy, pleased you found this site, as everyone said you will feel like your with friends very soon.

    i am fading from the borg and wasnt brought up in it like you but you will find many on here that can give you help and encouragement.

    your story touched me. i hope you can find what you need to help you get over it all.

    so pleased to hear you have a good supportive wife. all the best and welcome from new south wales.


  • stillajwexelder

    Hey thanks for sharing and welcome - you will find loads of understanding people on this site-.

  • burnthepig

    Hey there...

    Your story was all too familiar for me.. The feeling you described has hit me time and again, with such an overwhelming blow. I have an understanding mate as well, However it will never be the same as sharing with these friends on this site who have actually lived it. It still blows me away to consider the J.W. slang.. that is terribly hard to shake. It all gets better with time, and you realize you Aren't crazy. They were.

    Fallen out of a World of Lies,


  • ivy

    WA boy, welcome to the forum. I completely understand what you have said here. I also started a new life, moved on, and still had the lingering issues come up, telling me that whatever harm had been done wasn't completely healed. I haven't been on the forum long, but it has been such a relief to have people to talk to who have a first hand understanding of what it is like.

    It is good to have a support network. My husband is also "brilliant with support" (love that phrase) and I am grateful for that, but being able to talk to others who have also been there is such a relief. Welcome, welcome, and find comfort.

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