Precident for elders to have two sets of rules. One for us and one for them

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  • kwintestal

    I was thinking about this for some reason this morning. It seems that elders or elders' family are able to get away with quite a bit, while those who aren't are hung. So how is that any different then things in the OT?

    Look at David, here he conspired to have Uriah killed and committed adultery with Bath-sheba. Anyone else would have been killed for this action, but not King David. Why? Well for the same reason the elders get away with some of the stuff they do.

    For this example to be in the bible really shows me that this God is not impartial, and not just. How many people do you think were killed for the same reasons in the same time period as David did this?


  • Maverick

    The WTS reasoning on this was that David was being used to further Gods plan on a promished one or David would have been killed like anyone else.

    The new-speak of the WTS is that we are all slaves of God but some are higher slaves than others. Look at the Governing body, they are; the faithful slave, Christs' brothers and the earthly wife-like organization of God the father. So they are; lesser than, almost equal to and somewhat greater than Jesus all at the same time.

    So it should not surprise us that the local Elders, who are like the god they worship, make up their own rules to get whatever result they desire.

  • tijkmo

    i was elder with 6 other elders in family albeit in different congs.....they hung me

  • FairMind

    Do you not think that since Jehovah does not intervene in our lives that whatever happens within any organization (including the WTS) is a result of human interaction (i.e. politics). I have seen many JWs get by with things that should have been dealt with. I have also seen elders go out of their way to cause trouble for others (me included). My thinking is that we all prove what we are by what we do and that ultimately what we are is basis for Gods judgment.

  • LongHairGal

    I have always had a problem with the fact that god appears to BE partial! It used to make me sick reading the revelation book and studying about the bride of christ and all that stuff about new and old jerusalem, ad nauseam. Why tell us all about this and rub it in our face! Maybe this shouldn't have bothered me but it did. I used to say that this was one wedding I was certainly not going to be invited to!


  • upside/down
    those who aren't are hung

    It's true us "apostates" are hung..... like Clydesdales!

    u/d (of the waits for females to belittle his humor class)

  • Dismembered

    kwintestal quote:

    It seems that elders or elders' family are able to get away with quite a bit, while those who aren't are hung.

    Man! you have struck the spinal cord with me. If there's one single reason, ( there's not, there are many, but) for the shroud being removed from my eyes, is your observation, in the above quote.

    It sickens me that after all the energy my family & I expended in that effen CULT, it took me years to finally figure that out "what's good for the goose/littlesheep, does not apply to the gander/elder & family. It's a completely set of different rules for them, and "screw you if you don't like it" little sheep.

    I wish I could hold many an elders head under dirty toilet water until the bubbles stop. I still say as I've said many times, before, the so-called elder arrangement should/needs, to be disbanded. Just like the taliban

    Examples to follow in future posts!


    "They": believe they're gliding down the highway,

    when in fact they're slip-sliding away".

  • upside/down
    Just like the taliban



  • ljwtiamb
    I wish I could hold many an elders head under dirty toilet water until the bubbles stop.

    Ouch! Don't be shy now!! ... Why don't you tell us what you really feel!!!

  • bronzefist

    My kids would ALWAYS tell me the elders kids got away with murder. Of course being an idiot I didn't belive them.

    Recently 4 elders who gave my kids crap had to step down because of their kids getting caught doing this or that. So I guess eventually what goes around comes around.

    More importantly I've apologized to all my kids.

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