Talesin --------------> Has had SURGERY...AGAIN !

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  • Rabbit


    I just talked to our dear Tal, she is a sick puppy. She had some surgery last week on Monday. She was doing better, but, now has developed an infection in the incision and was in the emergency room yesterday.

    So, she's really disappointed as she's been dealing with this problem for quite a while now.

    For now, she is staying with relatives...and NO internet access ! On top of all that...her computer is down, possibly a power supply. So, it may be a while before she's online again. She is really missing everyone.

    She wanted to let her friends know what was going on...she's not igging anybody. Right now is a very tough time for her. She's one of my favorites and I wish I lived closer so I could help.

    Tal has a local friend that is going to print out replies on this post for her to see. She really needs a lot of good support right now, so, I hope her friend has a LOT of ink cartridges !

    She will see these replies...OK...1, 2, 3...GO !

    Love ya' Tal -- GET WELL !

    your friend, Rabbit

  • jeanniebeanz


    I hope you get better soon!!! I miss ya. We were gonna trade family recipes and talk about 70's hair bands together, remember?

    Get better I tell ya!!!


  • Satanus

    Hang in there, girl.


  • kls

    Oh Tales,please get better soon .

  • purplesofa


    I have been missing your posts..........hope you get well soon!!!!


  • Bas

    Hey (((Talesin))) sorry to hear about your healthcrisis, get better soon!! Lots of love from Holland, hang in there!Bas

  • JamesThomas

    The fear, the pain, meet with them dear. Through them let us find and embrace what is not afraid or in torment.

    Whatever the universe is presenting right now, is the doorway.

    The darkest demons can be the brightest blessings, if we are open and willing to see and understand -- as you are.


  • Odrade

    Oh no! Tal, get better soon, enough of this sick crap! Ya gotta get mean with those damn GERMS!!!

    "ya'll sick and germs, get outa here, this is not your body this is my body, so you just go on and get outa here!"

    Miss ya lady! Eat yer soup and get back here quick!

  • Sassy

    aaaahhhhh Talesin! I sure hope you feel better soon!!!

  • Scully

    Talesin, my friend....

    Please get better soon!

    Warm hugs, warm thoughts going your way

    Love, Scully

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