Outrageous Housecleaning stories.

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  • LongHairGal

    I don't know how many of you did housecleaning as a JW. Even though I have an office job I tried housecleaning. I did one job and that was it for me!! It is certainly no fun cleaning peoples filth but I did hear some weird stories.

    One woman I know had a househoulder ask her to give her an enema! She declined, of course. Is that nervy or what? I also heard another story about somebody who told the JWs she used another cleaning service and the man was taking too long in the bathroom. She went to take a peek and he was taking a shower!!


  • datsdethspicable

    I had always had good clients in the past sooooo.....once when I needed some extra income I went to the local workforce office looking for a house to clean so they gave me this assignment, them saying this lady may have a few cats. Well that was an understatement. She had more than 15 cause I quit counting. That was the grossest thing I ever went thru. Let's just say I did my best and threw away what I had on when I got out of there.

  • cruzanheart

    I have a JW friend who cleaned houses for years to support her pioneering, and I recommended her to a lady I worked with. This lady just loved my friend's work . . . until she quit her job at my office and became a stay-at-home mom. Then she started following my friend around and complaining that she wasn't getting her money's worth, that my friend cleaned the house so fast that the customer wasn't getting her money's worth. Hey, who cares if it's done fast as long as it's done right? Anyway, they parted ways because the stay-at-home mom decided she could do it better herself.


  • Mulan

    I cleaned houses for years. I hated it and was so happy when I could quit, finally.

    Most of the houses I did, were clean already, and I just did a little refreshing. Rich people, with gorgeous houses, so it wasn't really hard work. I charged a lot, so made a lot of money. One of my friends cleaned houses too, and was so mad at me that I charged $80 to clean a house that she would only ask for $40 for the same work.

    I guess I didn't care enough to get the job, so decided to ask for a lot. All they could do is refuse to pay that much. They didn't and valued me. Some of them were really nice people too, and I missed seeing them.

    Anyway, I don't do it anymore, and am I glad!!

    Nina, I had a requirement with my jobs. I cleaned without the lady of the house there, unless she had just given birth (that happened) or was sick...........rarely happened. I made it clear to them that I did not charge by the hour and that I was very fast, so not to question the time it took me. One woman, who owned a beautiful Bridal Salon, complained once that I made more money than the girls in her shop. I laughed and she did too. I told her maybe they should clean houses. She was great, and when Princess got married, gave us an incredible deal on her wedding dress.

  • Insomniac

    I could tell stories that would curl your hair!

    Back in the day, in Austin, Texas, I did some housecleaning. One gal I cleaned for reccommended me to her coworkers, and before too very long I was the cleaner of choice for all the girls at Sugar's- a strip club. Strippers can be terrific customers, by the way, as they always tip well and pay in cash- although I tried not to think where all the ones and fives had been last! They also used to offer me small baggies of marijuana as a sort of tip, I suppose.

    One lady from that group, I had to drop. She wanted me to hand wash all her stage costumes, and she'd pay me extra. I told her it just went beyond my comfort level. Then one day, I let myself into her apt. as usual, and halfway through the job a naked guy who was obviously high on something wandered out of her bedroom and started trying to talk to me. Thankfully, she'd come home by then- if I'd been all alone, I would have been scared to death. The final straw was when she asked me to clean her VIBRATOR! I told her there wasn't enough money in the world for me to sacrifice that much of my self respect.

    About a year later, I ran into her at the mall. She was with a man I knew slightly. She came running over to me, gave me a big hug, and frantically whispered "Don't tell him! He thinks I used to be a waitress!" It was tempting, but I didn't blow her cover.

  • delilah

    insomniac, that was great!!!!!i wonder how many great stories like that , have happened to the many housecleaners out there. i also did cleaning when i was in school and throughout the years for my mom, but i can say i never had THAT many interesting clients....in fact, they were pretty "normal", typical rich people. Very nice though.

  • LongHairGal

    Your stories are all very interesting. I was wondering though what you did when you found something revolting (used condom) etc. A friend of mine refused to touch them. She left them there. She also told one householder with a very bad teenage son that she refused to go under his bed for anything.


  • bikerchic

    ohhhhh the stories I could tell as I've been doing housecleaning for 25 years.......but I can't and won't breach the trust that I've been intrusted with. I've had some very famous and high end clients in my career and respect their right to privacy.

    Noooo I won't tell and you can't make me!

  • Mulan
    I've had some very famous and high end clients in my career

    The only link to fame I ever had, cleaning houses, was a woman who was related to Pierce Brosnan. She had pictures of him in her study, holding her baby and of their families. I think he was her cousin, or something.

    One couple were very devoted golfers and members of a prestigious golf club. They knew most of the celebrity pro golfers, and talked a lot about Tiger Woods. When the PGA tour was in Seattle about 8 or 9 years ago, they worked during the games (the people who did what they did, were invited to participate, no pay).

    Most of my clients were moderately well off, with a few really rich ones.

    I know a few of the JW women who work, as a crew, and clean Bill Gates' house. Whoowhoo!

  • upside/down

    Yeah my wife had the best house cleaning gig in South Orange County Cali.

    She had the highest end clients and made BANK! She was a one woman show...

    Till she started f*ckin the clients...

    Truly a dream come true for them and a nightmare come true for me...

    u/d (of the it's a sore spot class)

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