Outrageous Housecleaning stories.

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  • bikerchic

    Mulan said:

    I know a few of the JW women who work, as a crew, and clean Bill Gates' house. Whoowhoo!

    Although I never worked at his desert home I did work next door to it and lunched on property he and the person I worked for shared just for such purposes. Very lovely park like setting with a brook and waterfall dumping into a lake on the golf course my only complaint was that our lunch break was too short. One of the Home Managers I worked for also managed his desert home which was an awesome place!

    I guess I could tell the story of how I almost got hit by Bill Gates in his big van(since I never worked for him)........darn it would have set me up for life if only I had realized it was him I would have purposely fallen in front of the van.....my bad!LOL! The look of shock and surprise on his face was definitely priceless! He shouldn't have been speeding like that and he knew it and he knew he just missed a huge law suit, LOL!

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