"If WTS is so intent on recruiting new members then...

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  • rebel8

    ...why are they also so intent on kicking people out? You'd think they'd want to be more lax in order to keep their membership numbers up."--question asked by my non-JW husband

    Good question, eh?

  • upside/down

    They honestly feel that if they do what they are doing that "God" will keep stuffing the pipe as it were.

    I think Russell (or Rutherford) said when there was a great exodus of ones from the bOrg, "It's a thinning of the ranks but a strengthening of the body". It's a win win for them... If tons of people join... that's evidence of "God's" blessing... if the numbers drop... "J" is cleaning the organization... this is a very "christendomish- faith healer" kinda outlook.

    And the "sheep" just eat it up like candy.


  • kls

    Eck, this question means i would have to think like a jw

    This question will take some thinking

  • logansrun

    I think the nature of the question fails to take into account that there are multiple motivations for why the WTBTS is the way it is. Getting new members and retaining them is important, but so is upholding the doctrines which they unflinchingly hold. I don't understand why many people can't understand the fact that the GB and most of the WT "heavies" really believe the stuff they promulgate -- with the exceptions being an extreme minority, and usually still believing the essence of WT doctrines.

    This question touches on the larger problem I see with many people's perspective of the organization on this board, that is, dichotomous and simplistic thinking. It's either "Watchtower totally good and benign" versus "Watchtower evil, money-loving, hypocritical."

    The unfortunate thing is not that the WT is hypocritical, but that it is sincere.


  • iiz2cool

    Like many corporations, they are rightsizing to improve profits. They don't want to keep people who are not "company men". Like any MLM business, they want people who are enthusiastic about the company, and work hard to sell literature and recruit new salespersons.


  • Mary

    I remember one elder telling me several years ago "....we don't care how many leave, if you want to be part of Jehovah's Organization, you have to toe the line."

    Well, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

  • Jez
    Eck, this question means i would have to think like a jw

    This question will take some thinking

    An oxymoron.....JW...thinking...together?????

  • Elsewhere

    Binge and purge...

    Binge and purge...

    Sometimes I wonder if the WTS doesn't have an eating disorder.

  • blondie

    The WTS gathers the harvest and then sifts and winnows out the chaff. They only want people they can control.

  • Dismembered

    Why that's easy. They are only interested in keeping the "Cream" as it were, of mankind. They don't want a bunch of free thinkers like most of us here in their company. We'd be a bug up their butt.


    "They": believe they're gliding down the highway,

    when in fact they're slip-sliding away".

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