Do you see real people here at JWD?

by jeanniebeanz 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • love11

    I see the people here as real. Do machines actually pretend to be ex- jw's? haha Just kidding.

    I would like to see everyone's real face as their avatar, but that would only happen in a perfect world. Just so you know who you're talking to. But then again, by not seeing the face you lose all judgements and prejudices. It's a wash.

  • jeanniebeanz
    So Jeannie, more specifically what sort of people here do you find to be more genuine? What sort of traits are looking for in their postings?

    Mainly I look for personality. There are those who post to win a fight or just stir up the crap. these are the kinds of people who I would say are the least real, or genuine. Then there are people who seem to show a real interest in the wellbeing of others, they offer support to those who are hurting, and stick to topics being discussed if they have to argue a point. They do not usually engage in ad hominem attacks and offer support for their position whenever possible. They are the type of person that if they post a topic, I'm sure to read it.

    I'd have to say most people fall somewhere in the middle for me... although I recently met AlanF in person and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was exactly as I thought it would be.... exactly.

    Sorry to hear that. LOL Yeah, I really like AlanF's posts. He seems to be a real person and I always read his posts. Sometimes he can be a little rough, but I don't think it is out of meanness, just a bit cantankerous. I like the way he backs up his opinions with facts and quotes. Quite enlightening at times... :)

    I quickly throw away my preconceptions when something posted changes my picture of that person.

    Yes, me too. The way people post is sometimes more about what kind of day they have had than how they really *are* so everyone has an off day from time to time. I try to see the people behind the posts like you do.

    I do see real people here, but it does make a difference when you meet them in person or at least speak on the phone.

    I'm sure that makes a big difference. I'd love to meet some of you guys and gals. Hell, even just getting a postcard from someone would mean a lot. Words on a website are great, but something physical like a letter or card would be even more meaningful. Maybe I'm just feeling a bit alone these days. Anyone want to trade cards?

    I see the people here as real. Do machines actually pretend to be ex- jw's? haha Just kidding.

    Machine Ex-dubbies. LOL Everyone lookout!! Too funny.

  • Lehaa

    I definately see everyone as real.

    I often think during the day about them too.

  • jgnat

    Call me cracked, but when I saw your thread title, this came to mind: "I see dead people". Seriously, the people from this board whom I have met in person were as they portrayed themselves, and so much more.

  • jula71

    I definitely see real people here, almost more so then people I see everyday. What I mean is with the comfortable feeling of sittin' home or where ever we use our computers, we tend to be comfortable enough to open up more. For some it's easier to type out real feelings rather then say them. Personally, I've formed many real friendships here and very strong support system.

  • Thegoodgirl

    People are becoming more real to me the more I visit, and as I see a similar tone to their posts. I am starting to get addicted to coming here, especially when I'm supposed to be listening to lectures for an online class or writing a paper, I always have to hold everything and check out the JW site. I especially see people as "real" since I posted when I had a mini crisis a couple weeks ago. So many people were so helpful and open in sharing their private stories about marriges, etc.

  • jula71

    TheGoodGirl is getting hooked, but some addictions are good. But your post is what I was talking about, more apt to talk about "private" matters when you're comfortable. Plus many here have gone through the same thing and are willing to share and give advice as to what they have gone through. For that, I for one am grateful.

  • Shania

    Of course we are real, if you pinch us do we not say OUCH, if you cut us do we not BLEED.

    Well of course you can't do that over a computer screen, but baby we are real people out here and I'm glad you are all there for me...............I view you all part of my group therapy, whether you want to be or not, I value your thoughts, expierences and opinions. I try to give from my heart and soul back to you, if I could reach out and give you all a group hug I would. You all are more real than what you would find in any Kingdum Hall. Now those are the ones that are not least here when something is not right you are aloud to express it........................I said it before I feel very safe here and I want to thank you all and certainly Simon for working so hard with this site..................YOU ALL ARE REAL PEOPLE AND SOME OF THE BEST I WOULD EVER WANT TO MEET!

  • mtbatoon

    Sorry but no. What evidence have I got that any of you are who you say you are.

    I'm not wearing my sceptics badge with pride here or trying to be insulting but honestly to me everyone here is one big voice speaking in differing inflections. Not just this forum but every other that I read or partake in.

  • Mary

    upside/down said: JWD is kinda like cyber sex.... it's really can get you off, but leaves you a little empty.

    Um, I hope you're not practicing cyber sex. That IS considered fornication you know.

    While JWD (or any other website) is obviously not the same as meeting people in the flesh, I think it's great that we have this board and I can certainly see people's personalities shining through........

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