Did you learn anything from the bible?

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  • Qcmbr

    Loads and loads - has everyone here read it all?

    Here's my quick list of things:

    1/ History of Jesus as Jehovah and then as the Christ
    2/ History of the Jews (and its probably the most incredible history ever recorded)
    3/ Laws for dealing with people that are Not reflected in day to day society (most people probably glad about that - shrugs)
    4/ Reverence for sacred things
    5/ That men and women approach challenges in similar ways throughout history (ie goof up big time)

    Here's my list of deep doctrine that is only hinted at:

    1/ Creation - how the h*ll did that happen? - really.
    2/ The flood and the ark - more going on there than a big boat ,8 people and Chester Zoo.
    3/ Lost tribes of Israel - where are they...?
    4/ Personal visits from Elohim and Jehovah - pretty interesting.
    5/ Life before earth life and what happens when we die.

    Here's my short list of things I didn't learn:

    1/ Who created God
    2/ When is Jesus coming back.
    3/ How to walk on water.
    4/ Who actually wrote the books of the bible.
    5/ Where Mormons are prophesied.

  • doogie
    has everyone here read it all?

    3 times cover to cover. and i thought maugham was tough to get through.

    wasn't there a thread recently about the more you read of the bible, the harder it is to believe it?

  • Elsewhere

    You can rape, pillage, murder and wipe out entire populations, so long as you believe that your are doing God's will. Not only that, you get to sleep well at night knowing you did a good thing.

  • doogie
    You can rape, pillage, murder and wipe out entire populations, so long as you believe that your are doing God's will.

    you forgot about all the virgins you get in return.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    I learned how to be "...sly as a serpent and innocent as a dove..."

    and being a Jehovahs Witness taught me how to be "slick" with "political role playing" ( and I do not mean elected officials)

  • Seeker4

    Always enjoyed the book of Ecclesiastes, which I think of as more Oriental philosophy than anything else.

    Also like the Proverbs, and the Gospels are interesting. For many years I tried to live as closely with these priniciples as I could.

    But, after all of that, I have to say that the main thing I learned from the Bible is that there is no basis in fact to it, and no basis for any kind of literal interpretation of it, as the Witnesses do.

    I can well remember the day I sat down with the Bible and decided I was going to read it with no JW preconceptions about what it REALLY meant. By Genesis chapter 20, I KNEW I was reading mythology. It was so clear to me that it hurt. And this after 30 years as an active Witness, elder, pioneer, etc. From that point on I was on my way out, and there has been no looking back.


  • kls

    No't sure if i believe in the bible or not ,i just try to live my life the best that is right for me. Everyone reads the bible different and according to the jws even living my life trying to do right i am dead anyway because i don't follow their rules( wonder how my husband likes living with a corpse). According to the bible God forgives all for their sins ,so if the bible can be believed i will and am forgiven for what sins i have made or the sins i will make.

    The bible has to many loose ends and not enough explainations for how to live ones life so i will live it the way i need to.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    I am not sure I learned a single useful thing from studying the bible other than

    how to expand the range of topics I can discuss with others...which is by no means useless come to think of it (^_^)

  • marsal


    You wrote that the bible "hints at" life before earth life.

    Where is that found in the bible?

  • Carmel

    Yeah! I learned that asses have jaw bones. Then I went to college, met a few political science professors and learned that asses jawbone a lot!


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