Seeker4 Invited to a Committee Meeting Tonight

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  • Seeker4

    Thank you all. I'm doing OK. Went out for a long run tonight, watched the flocks of ducks flying north, the sun go down, the half moon brighten.

    I'm not doing badly, just a tumultous time.

    In case I didn't explain it clearly - there is no way I would attend a judicial hearing. The Witnesses and elders have no authority over me, which I would be recognizing by attending (as the elder's manual makes quite clear). I did deliver the letter personally, and it will do the talking for me. It might be a good old boys club, but I know for a fact that this has already been very disturbing to several of these elders - and that was long before they got this letter.

    Mulan - good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

    Will let you all know what comes of all this.


  • JeffT

    I'm getting into this late, I hope it goes OK. This should make good fodder for the publications you write for. If every witness in the state has to answer questions at the door about you, their plan will have blown up in their faces big time.

  • love2Bworldly

    Wish you much luck! Think of it as closure. I think writing an article about it is an awesome idea! A great anti-witness.

  • jaredg

    wow that is awesome!!! make sure to let us know how it turns out and good luck.

  • Honesty

    The WTBTS has no authority to do anything to anyone except to influence them to serve their demonic masters on the governing body.

  • Seeker4

    Well, was invited to a committee meeting for Monday night. Delivered my letter to the PO on Sunday afternoon.

    It is now Tuesday night , after 9, and no word from anyone.



  • minimus

    Seeker, I feel for you. It's like being in the Mafia. They'll go after you til you die.

  • jst2laws


    I'm not sure what you feel you may loose by their action. But it seem like a major event in you life after so many years, so that is all that matters.

    I fought with the "boy's" when they tried to DF me, only to maintain contact with my relatives. There was no hope. But it was the best thing to happen to my wife and myself. We are now completely free. No connection, no fear of negative action, no looking over our shoulders. It would seem you are are already there. I may have missed something, so tell me, why do you care what they do at this point?


  • Seeker4


    I have a mother, daughter, son in law and two granddaughters who are Witnesses. The DFing would just complicate matters.

    Other than that I could care less. I would imagine they will go ahead anyway. Just want to get them to think a bit before they do.

    Plus it was an opportunity to vent a lot of the feelings I've held back from telling these elders. If they're going to consider themselves suitable to sit in judgement of me, I want them to know what I think about that, and about their support of an organization with such serious flaws. I really took the time to point out those flaws.


  • Dismembered


    Please keep us updated. Wish you the best!


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