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  • Shawn

    I have a new situation in my circumstance. Sorry to keep bothering you all but I need help, a lot of help.

    My friend finally came over today and we talked for a while. I prayed hard about what to say and asked the Holy Spirit to guide my words. It started out fine and I asked her to teach me about things in the Reasoning book and she offered to get someone else to teach me because she didn't know enough. I said I needed her there for me and that someone else could be there too. She said she wasn't sure that was okay. I then started asking her why she believed in the WTS. I asked her who she loved more God or the WTS, I am not sure if I said love or who she had faith in more. She said Jehovah. I said me too, I put all my faith in Jehovah and that we could agree on that.

    I then asked her if the Truth was capable of being wrong. She said of course. I said by it's very definition the truth must be right otherwise it would be something else. She said that beause man speaks for the Truth than it can be wrong. She said that men can be wrong. I agreed and said that God cannot be wrong. She agreed but said that because man speaks for God we are continualy learning. I pointed out that in the Bible when God spoke for man it was always the Truth. She said that is no longer true.

    I lost it there and started to tell her to look into the history of the WTS and compare the KIT to NWT and see if key verses are wrong. She said she would research it. I told her to look outside the WTS for answers and she said all she needed was the Bible. I told her to look in another Bible and not the NWT. She said they were the same but worded differntly. She said that the meaning was the same. I pointed out John 1:1 and how adding 1 single word changes the entire meaning of the Bible. She didn't say anything. I got her to promise to look into things and do her own research.

    She then said that I was trying to get her to not be a JW. I told her that was not true and I want her to be a witness of Jehova, and that doesn't mean following the WTS.

    She had no argument with the Salvation Method and said that during the 1000 year reign on Christ all will have the chance to be given "Eternal Life" and that JWs on earth now will be the teachers and it will be an easy thing to endure.

    What can I do now? Anyone? Did I mess this up or is everything fixable? Please help here, did this go like it should have at all?

  • Shawn

    Also, she said that she cannot continue being my friend if she is going to be a JW wholeheartedly. She is right on the edge of being unapproachable. I told her that I will always be there even if she doesn't want me there. She started to cry and said that it didn't matter.

  • kls

    Whoa Shawn , i am sorry to say but you over did it and now she will be on the defense. You cannot attack the WT and expect her to listen ,remember she is programed to fight back and defend it or walk away and consider you trouble.

    Take a deep breath Shawn and relax.

  • kls

    Shawn , the only way to get her to listen is to show the lies the WT has hidden. Has she ever seen the pictures of Ruthafords tomb, that his head stone is a pyramid?

  • Honesty

    Ask her to explain this recent WatchTower Study article:

    The Watchtower of Feb. 15/05 studied April 3/05

    Page 21 pararagraph 14:

    14 "No plague or miracle- not even the loss of his firstborn son- was able to persuade Pharaoh that Moses was speaking on behalf of Jehovah."

    Paragraph 9:

    9 Prove Bible truth to yourself.
    ...Every Christian -young or old- needs to prove to his own satisfaction that what he believes is indeed the truth as found in the Bible.

    *** Rbi8 Exodus 5:1-2 ***
    5 And afterward Moses and Aaron went in and proceeded to say to Phar'aoh: ?This is what Jehovah the God of Israel has said, ?Send my people away that they may celebrate a festival to me in the wilderness.?? 2 But Phar'aoh said: ?Who is Jehovah, so that I should obey his voice to send Israel away? I do not know Jehovah at all and, what is more, I am not going to send Israel away.

    *** Rbi8 Exodus 8:7-8 ***
    8 In time Phar'aoh called Moses and Aaron and said: ?Entreat Jehovah that he may remove the frogs from me and my people, as I want to send the people away that they may sacrifice to Jehovah.?

    *** Rbi8 Exodus 8:28 ***
    28 Phar'aoh now said: ?I-I shall send YOU away, and YOU will indeed sacrifice to Jehovah YOUR God in the wilderness. Only do not make it quite so far away that YOU are going. Make entreaty in my behalf.

    *** Rbi8 Exodus 9:27 ***
    27 Eventually Phar'aoh sent and called Moses and Aaron and said to them: ?I have sinned this time. Jehovah is righteous, and I and my people are in the wrong.

    *** Rbi8 Exodus 10:16-17 ***
    16 So Phar'aoh hurriedly called Moses and Aaron and said: ?I have sinned against Jehovah YOUR God and against YOU. 17 And now pardon, please, my sin just this once and ENTREAT Jehovah YOUR God that he may turn away just this deadly plague from upon me.?

    *** Rbi8 Exodus 10:24 ***
    24 After that Phar'aoh called Moses and said: ?Go, SERVE Jehovah. Only YOUR sheep and YOUR cattle will be detained. YOUR little ones also may go with YOU.?

    Ask then these questions:

    Where in the Bible does it say, or even infer, that Pharaoh didn't believe Moses claim that he was speaking on behalf of God Almighty?

    Does this sound like a man that had trouble with the idea that Moses was speaking on behalf of Jehovah?

    Pharoah was in complete acceptance of the idea that Moses was speaking on behalf of Jehovah!

  • Shawn

    I know I was going to fast. She has agreed to teach me though. Trial and error, the only thing is I cannot afford to mess up again. Anything I can say that I haven't already to fix it and not put her on the defensive. I tried to explain to her that I was just trying to mak sense of what I did not know.

  • kls

    Yes Shawn ,you have to slow way down and not fight back even thou you feel like you want to explode, believe me i know how it is.

    You have to drop like little hints to make her think but never bash the teaching of thr WT because remember that is Gods only true religion.

    I don't think you have lost so don't beat you'reself.

  • EvilForce

    Keep in mind the witnesses are taught that truth can be gotten from ANY bible, not just the NWT. So that helps. So keep your studies TO THE BIBLE.

    I used to say to JW's, Ok, well look at the NWT, but we will also look at the same verse in the King James and the Revised Standard. No Witness can say no to this, as you are not using apostate stuff...just bibles. This will make for a slower go and whatnot...but how do you argue with the TRUTH found ONLY in the bible???

  • Check_Your_Premises


    Please go back and reread every warning I gave you last week, because it seems you didn't listen to any of them.

    You are just some guy, you are not her husband. If you piss her off, she will not talk to you.

    There are no knock-out punches!

    You tried to go for one. It didn't work. Never has, never will. It is a slow process, and the dub leaves when they are ready. You can't save her. You can only show her the door. It is up to her to take the blue pill.

    Never criticize the org to a dub.

    If you want to criticize the org, criticize an org like it, and leave it to them to make the parallel.

    Now go back and do what I told you to do earlier. Did you talk to her mother? Did she freak out and unload on her daughter?

  • Shawn

    As for just reading the Bible she will argue that she cannot understand and that no one can understand. She has told me that before. Only through the WTS can we understand.

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