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  • Terry

    FACT: a statement or assertion of verified information about something that is the case or has happened

    I've read the bible many times in many ways with many methods.

    But, I don't really see in it any information that contains factual material that benefits anybody.

    Or, to put it another way....

    What information does the bible contain that is "obviously" from a divine source and unavailable to any other people?

    Practical information; not doctrinal assertions is what I mean.

    God might have mentioned micro-organisms, for example. Millions have died not knowing exactly what a germ is or how disease is transmitted. Even Jesus' disciples didn't wash their hands before eating.

    Sources of energy, technology, innoculations, inventions to relieve human suffering all came from individual scientists who used their own rational minds to observe how things operate. The bible is rather a strange document to claim authorship by the most intelligent being in all the universe, and yet, reveals nothing superhuman in it at all.

    Or, am I being blind to something here?

    Help me out, apologists.


  • OldSoul

    Wouldn't it be grand if facts were all humans needed? Oops! You said apologists. I apologize.

    <exits room with a smirk>

  • Satanus

    It tells us that god works for 6 days and takes off on his motorcycle chariot the 7th day. What more facts do you need?


  • Oroborus21

    There are many. "Do not put new wine into old skins"


  • Satanus

    That is very good, oroborus. I see that the practice of recycling old wine skins has been phased out. They wouls have never figured that out without the bible giving that advice.

    Oh, you meant the symbolic meaning. Yes, of course. How true that humans stop learning once they have reached adulthood.


  • googlemagoogle

    apart from the historical value there's absolutely nothing special about the "wisdoms" of the book. one could read laotse's "tao te king" and live his life as good (though less judgmental) as a "christian" (where "paulinian" would usually be a better term).

    then again, one doesn't need to read a religious book at all to live a good life. actually it's contraproductive. at least if you really take it serious.

  • Evanescence

    Firstly read chapter John Chapter 5 in the bible

    This chapter tells us about how jesus heals someone on the sabbath!

    God rested on the sabbath in creation as an example to us! god doesn't need rest! he is God!

    But us humans need rest if we work non stop it will surely damage our health if not physically emotionally!

    What is important is our eternal salvation not our broken leg!

    The bible teaches us how to cope in times of struggle. It explains that life is full of trials and that god is willing to help us through them

    The bible gives us messages of hope and encouragement I know what elders tend to do is talk about the negatives of the bible which is kinda stupid! Elders control people by using the fear factor!

    Scientists can come up with cures for diseases, but god/ bible can help us through times of struggle if we let him in our lives! and that is something science can't do!

    I've seen a professional counsellor about my depression and I've found that techniques that my counsellor has come up with to help fight depression are similar to what the bible says!

    God can cure our illness sometimes if it is a need for our salvation not a want. Sometimes adversity can be a blessing in disguise!

    God works through scientists and doctors also to help us!

    Why do you think that people pray to god in the hospital before a huge operation? its because they are asking for strengh to be able to cope and that the results will be good!

    God works through people everyday! we are all like his little prophets/saints who go out and do his works!

    Exept for sin! thats when we choose to go against his will!

  • Evanescence

    God works differently from us, he is very myserious and is byond human understanding.

    The bible isn't full of medication tips! the bible is full of wistom and guidance.

    everything turns out best for those who believe in god!

  • googlemagoogle

    evanescence, science CAN do that. it's called "placebo".

  • Mac

    Yes it does........

    but, only in the Song Of Solomon!

    mac, pomegranate class

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