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  • Euphemism

    Well I've never seen the video (a bit before my time), but I'll go against the tide hear and say that I actually like the song. Yeah, I'm a sucker for the epic.

  • Lehaa

    I'm with euphenism, i loved the song, still do. Used to listen to it over and over when I was a teenager.

    I the film clip was ok too, typical for that era though.

  • freedom96

    For a band that I don't care much for, they had a lot of great songs. I did enjoy November Rain, though I don't have time to watch videos.

  • Dustin

    Axel Rose, probably the best front man ever. Everything a rock star should and shouldn't be all rolled into one. Love him or hate him he had your attention back in the day, and you still remember who he is now. That my friends takes a certain amount of talent.

  • tijkmo

    i didnt know it was 12/13 year old and have only recently come across it as i have with guns n rose...i didnt think i would like them but that was based on being told they were debased by wts..but i find i do like their stuff...and a good deal of zeppelin too

  • avishai
    On topic, stupid song, lame group :)

    Nope, decent song, great group. Idiot lead singer however.

  • Satanus

    Axel rose came a long way from living on the street. He may still be f**** *p, but he's no faker. He's got (had?) soul.


  • upside/down

    You guys knew I'd chime in...

    GnR f*ckin kicks @$$ !

    No one filled or rocked a stadium like they did. They weren't a femmy hair band (per se) and Slash and the boys are still going strong (Velvet Revolver), and were the last of the eighties genre... till all the depressing music scene hit.

    Axle, unfortunately missed the boat. Seems to be par for the course... the better they are the quicker they burn out. Kinda reminds me of Boston and Brad Delp... gawd I wish they'd a made more music back in the day.

    u/d (of the Welcome to the Jungle class)

  • Preston

    I remember I was a kid when the song came out. I actually think its one's of their best songs, the mix of guitar and piano was awesome. I think upside / down is our resident GnR fan, I wonder what he thinks. I was not the biggest fan of their music ( I did like their style), however I will pay good money to see a good GnR cover band do their songs. Axl was pretty cool...

    - Preston

  • upside/down
    On topic, stupid song, lame group :)

    Them's fightin words... :) lol u/d (of the eighties rockers have feeling too class)

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