On a positive note...

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  • Badger

    I vote.
    I gamble.
    I date women that I actually have something real in common with.
    I can cuss with relative impunity.
    I look forward to going to my church.
    I do little things to try to make a difference, not behave like a misanthrope because "It's all going to end anyway."
    I give christmas presents.
    among other stuff.
  • love11

    I can't really say that I know for certain what my purpose in life is. I could say that it is raising a happy family with love. I could say that it would be helping people find their own way in life. I could even say it would be to love an artist. But really what is the purpose of all of that! What is the purpose that the earth exists or that the universe exists? I guess the answer is that my true purpose is to procreate so that humans one day can expand over the entire universe. Oh man... I better lay off of the wine.

  • Country_Woman

    I want to live my live in a positive way - I want to feel "good" and "honest" and I want others to feel and think good of me - especially my friends and family.

    In other words: when I don't exist any longer, I want to be "missed" in loving memory........

    (which hopefully takes a very long time before that is going to happen - but you never know when..)

    This kind of things are popping up when you have thoughts about mortality.......

  • love2Bworldly

    I feel like my purpose is for my kids to be happy, have high self esteem, have careers they enjoy, and not become involved in any cult religions.

    Of course they will do what they may when they grow up, but I guess I'm trying to undo what my parents did to me. My parents were not JWs, but they neglected me and my siblings, were very negative, and raised some extremely dysfunctional people. (I am the most emotionally balanced one out of 4 kids.)

    I feel I'm doing a pretty good job of raising emotionally healthy kids, even with all the mistakes I've made.

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