LMAO..... F'n HYPOCRITES!!! The angels are working...

by upside/down 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • EvilForce

    Well u/d,

    How bout I come over to your house kick you in the jimmies and give your wife a titty twister and call it a "loving" sheparding call. Cause I'm sure it would be more enjoyable than Brother Amway and Brother Hypocrite coming over :)

  • upside/down

    You forget "Brother I've tried every MLM and I'm still broke (cuz of Satan)"... he always shows up!

    u/d (of the get a haircut and get a real job class)

  • ShadowX

    So as the wifey and I are there with a BUNCH of our new worldly friends celebrating ones 46 B-day and having a rip roaring wholesome good time. We spy these 2 "sisters" at the bar. They are HAMMERED and literally have these guys all over them (hands in pants etc.).

    Wish I was there to give guys a hand.

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