LMAO..... F'n HYPOCRITES!!! The angels are working...

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  • upside/down

    Last night we went to a local Honky Tonk to see a band we really really like. They play Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, AC/DC, some really bitchin Blues and are just as good as good can be...

    So as the wifey and I are there with a BUNCH of our new worldly friends celebrating ones 46 B-day and having a rip roaring wholesome good time. We spy these 2 "sisters" at the bar. They are HAMMERED and literally have these guys all over them (hands in pants etc.). They don't see us (yet) and we watch as we laugh our asses off...

    They are drunk, smoking, and pretty much already engaged in porneia. Both of these b*tches Dub husbands (nice guys/ now xJW's) left them as they couldn't take their high-control b*tchy wives- and they are the most loud condescending and judgemental "sisters" you could imagine.

    So my wife, with our new found confidence and self-respect walks right up to them and said "Hi". They shat themselves! Then they immediately start making comments about their ex's and how "they (the Ex's) aren't doing very good in da troof" (hell there Ex's once loved da troof- now HATE it due to the hell these women caused) What a load of baby sh*t! Can you believe the arrogance and hypocricy?

    This is our first exposure to Dubs in a social setting since our "fade". These two are so F*n mental I bet they run to the Hall and tattle on us (not that we did anything wrong). Like I care (no).

    I gotta call their Ex's today and let them know how "good" their ex-dub-wives are doing in da troof.

    It's a damn sopa opera... only FUNNIER!

    Of course... they'll say the angels led them there to expose our "wrongdoing"... where's my Zoloft? Ah forget it I'll just have another drink and LAUGH!

    u/d (of the still have my self respect class)

  • Sirona


    I do find that newly ex or even active JWs in a social situation seem to be the ones who are going over the top. They seem to think "I'm out, so I'm going to go CRAZY" because they are so rarely allowed to be out. It is sad. I did it myself until I realised that I was making a fool of myself.

    Just realise that they're at that stage and will learn,


  • EvilForce

    Not bitter or anything eh? LOL

    Were they really smoking? If that's the case I'm going to assume they say nothing. But by you taking the first step by calling their Ex's is a good plan. But the "sisters" may try to stike first by saying they saw you there doing whatever wrong....celebrating a b=day, smoking, whatever. That way whatever you say will be secondary and would seem like you were trying to grind an axe against them for turning you in.

    But as a bettin man I give you 90% odds they simply don't say anything.

  • upside/down
    Just realise that they're at that stage and will learn

    Not sure exactly what you mean?

    These chicks are hard-core "in" Dubs... They go to all the meetings and are out in FS.

    They sit in the front row and sing the loudest... and are always gossiping at any and all faults ANYONE might have. They are a tue source of irritation and have ruined so many friendships and even a couple marriages. They are bad people. HYPOCRITES.

    They've been this way for years... that's what drove their hubbies nuts. Sinners on Saturday, Saints on Sunday!

    Who needs em... I still think it's hilarious, because now they will feel guilty and think we'll tattle on them so they'll try and beat us to the elders. WE COULD CARE LESS. I don't tattle, I'm an adult.

    These people are EXACTLY why I will never have a need for organized religion, especially the JW brand!

    u/d (of the has contempt class)

  • Quotes

    Thanks for the story, U/D.

    Hey, maybe those "sisters" are on the slow exit themselves?

    Too bad you didn't have one of those new-fangled video cell phones. You could then send a little file to the local elders, and assist these sisters with their exit by speeding it up a bit!

    ~Quotes, of the "LMAO too" class

    Edit to add: Your anecdote gets +10 points for properly using the word "porneia". :-)

  • upside/down
    But the "sisters" may try to stike first by saying they saw you there doing whatever wrong

    I'm so not in a place as to give a flyin f*ck!

    I'm free.... burned their "yoke" a year ago.


  • Sirona


    In that case I'd suggest that they're mislead....


  • GetBusyLiving

    I saw that kind of hypo-crazy constantly while I was a witness. I just get a good laugh from it now but it used to really irritate me when I was in. These are the first people to hush up in eagerness when an elder is about to announce a disfellowshiping or gossip about seeing an inactive or disfellowshiped person in public.. lol.


  • Lehaa

    god if it wasn't so sad it would have been hilarious,

    Would have been great though to take ther pick and put enlarged prints on the doors of the KH

  • upside/down
    Would have been great though to take ther pick and put enlarged prints on the doors of the KH

    We Did! We used a camera phone (no flash) so it was too dark to see anything clearly (a bar).

    I'll bet they are worried though... they don't know the pictures didn't turn out good.

    So maybe now I'll get the "loving shepherding call" that we never got when we were faithful.


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