Platonic Friendships....

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  • purplesofa
    I feel it's best to always be open and honest in our desires with others. Make it clear that if he steps over the boundary, he will be sorry and regret it.

    Since I have been divorced most of my adult life, I have made alot of male friends that are not Lovers. I found that it was important to put the cards on the table and tell how I feel, Yes, I would like to do this and go here, but as long as you know there is nothing romantic going on here. If it can't be that way then you will lose my company. It is good to set the perimeters, then everyone can be happy and enjoy the relationship.

    I really enjoy my male friendships and can't imagine not having them.


  • Sith

    Only a woman could post something like that. I really respect you Ditto, and I respect the fact that women can stay detached that way. I don't think the majority of men can

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