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  • seattleniceguy

    I think that most Witnesses would at first blush respond that the pedophile is worse. After all, he represents an immediate material danger to innocent people. However, if you look at the way Witnesses actually deal with pedophiles versus "apostates," I agree that they clearly believe that apostates are far more dangerous.

    Yet another case of JW priorities being indescribably out of touch with reality.


  • EvilForce

    An Apostate....

    Because as an apostate they feel you have committed the only unforgivable sin in the bible....blasphemy!!! A child molester can pray for forgiveness and not engage in his sick behavior.....but and apostate has committed the sin that cannot be recovered from ..... free minds are a dangerous thing to a religion based on fear, ignorance, and hatred.

  • LongHairGal

    In my opinion a so-called apostate is worse to the JWs. In their eyes an apostate has left them whereas even the worst pedophile who is crawling back to them is more desirable in their eyes.

    Besides the pedophile who crawls back is going door to door and bringing in more potential JWs.

    There is another reason though. I feel that children, especially girls, are of no value in their eyes .


  • outoftheorg

    Hi Long Hair Gal.

    When where and how did you conjur up "children are of no value to them" ?

    That statement hit my mind like a flash of light. I had never thought of this and It answers a few questions as to how I was raised as a child in a jw family and sad to say how I raised my children in a jw family.

    I am going to have to sit down and think this out for a while.

    Wbts says this is not the time to marry and have children.

    If you are married,"this is no time to have children"

    Teach your young sons that they must not accept any non combatant military service. That only

    prison is acceptable.

    Spare the rod ruins the child "beat your baby if they cry during jw teaching sessions".

    No blood transfusion "even if your baby dies".

    It goes on and on.


  • LongHairGal

    Dear Out:

    I realized this years ago when a ped. in a neighborhing cong. was reinstated much too soon after he molested a young girl. I cried because I realized that a little girl was worth nothing in their eyes or it least it seemed that way to me.


  • avishai
    In answer to the actual question...according to every Witness ive ever known including my Parents,a Paeodophile is far worse

    Go read the experiences on silentlambs.com

    They take pedophiles back in or hide their sins all the time. Apostates they slander, lie about, kick around, disinherit, etc.

  • AlanF

    It depends on which JWs you're talking about and under what circumstances. I think that the average JW thinks of pedophilia as worse than apostasy on an intellectual level, but if confronted with real situations will revert to thinking of apostasy as worse, because apostasy challenges the very foundations of the JW cult whereas pedophilia can be thought of as a mere aberration, as a simple sin like adultery. However, I'm convinced that Watchtower leaders mostly think of apostasy as far worse at all levels, because they know that it challenges their cult, and that they have no defenses against most of the charges that most apostates bring forth. Pedophilia, though, is easily handled either through disfellowshipping or ignoring it.


  • dh

    i don't think you can seriously make such a comparison or generalisation. you can't compare an apostate to a peadophile any more than you can say all jw's are the same.

  • seeitallclearlynow

    I just think that JW's in general are taught to regard pedophiles as possibly reformable and loveable by Jehovah, whereas apostates are in the Satan category, unreformable, bad heart, etc.

  • Elsewhere

    All we have to do is look at how JWs handle each person:

    Child Molester: Wait on Jehover and brush situation under rug. ( Example )
    Apostate: DF and shun and quickly as possible. ( Example: What they did to me )

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