Did You Hate Meetings and Special Events?

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  • minimus

    "A fashion show"? ....You gotta be kiddin'!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    No kidding!

    And the talk in the days previous to such special event is about "Did you get your outfit for the Memorial/assembly yet?" Then of course they go on to tell you the stores where there are good sales. It's sickening!


  • blondie

    I figured 5 hours a week was enough.

  • JAVA

    We had a so-called Special Event when a GB member was brought into our area. I traveled an hour to get there, and it took a half hour to find a parking spot. I was there for about two hours, and it was at that point that I realized this was a bunch of baloney. During the end, a speaker got up and said, "Brothers, wasn't this an exciting program?" I couldn't believe anyone clapped, but the crowd responded loudly with applause.

    That Special Meeting was the end of the Tower road for me. Indeed, it was a SPECIAL EVENT !

  • mapleaf18

    yep. same ol' same ol'. but do you remember "repetition for emphasis" and the "reminders, orders" even imbedded into the kingdom songs? the only thing i liked was the singing; which i love. i've always wanted to be into singing and professional chorus (but wasn't allowed as a school girl; too WORLDLY!)

  • EvilForce

    You know, I think the meetings I loathed the most were Thanksgiving Night meetings.

    It's the one quasi Ok holiday to be with family, watch football, relax and do nothing days. Then sure enough dress up put on clothes, go to meeting. Come on!!! That sucked!

  • minimus

    The GB members were the worst! Their prayers went on and on and on and...................

  • LongHairGal


    Everybody remembers the meeting/article that got them thinking that it was all over for them and they could no longer feel the same.

    Mine was when a magazine article came out talking about how we should not be prognosticators and I thought "well that is what they have been doing". I realized they were insulting our intelligence and it made me so furious I would have walked out right then and there except I came with somebody so I kept my mouth shut. They must think we all have a short term memory span and the brains of a gnat. I hated them with a deep loathing from then on and that was before I found out all the rest.

    As far as visiting GBs were concerned I felt it was a bit creature-worshipy but some of them were good for interesting stories and slide shows.


  • minimus


  • JAVA

    LHG said: ** Everybody remembers the meeting/article that got them thinking that it was all over for them and they could no longer feel the same. **

    I have not thought about this for some time, because it happened over 20 years ago. I remember attending a few meetings at the KH after my "this is baloney" epiphany. It was as if something snapped, and the blinders fell off. The JW-mind set no longer worked, and I saw the religion as nothing more than a setup. When that happens--you can't go back!

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