The Generation Game 10 years on - 1995

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  • truthseeker

    It's been roughly ten years since the change in the understanding of the Generation was printed in a November Watchtower.

    While I won't discuss here what everyone already knows about this change, and the effects it had on many people, questions have to be asked.

    What happens next for the Watchtower Society?

    Where is the leadership?

    In what direction are they headed?

    With no discernible end of "the system of things" near, and no new official end time prophecies, the organization appears to

    be caught in a kind of whirlpool. With nothing to inspire people that the end really is near, they have adopted authoritarian

    tactics. Publications like, "Keep on the Watch!" which were obviously designed for current witnesses, are used to put the

    fear of God into them. Strong talks at assemblys and conventions about "avoiding apostate lies and half truths" are given frequently.

    And admonitions to "stay off the Internet" and "be more productive with your time" are heard often.

    But ask a current witness when he thinks Armaggedon is - what does he reply? "We're deep in the time of the end."

    Ask him, "How do you know?"

    He says, "Because Jesus began reigning as King in 1914 and the Devil and his demons were kicked out of heaven."

    Ten years ago, such an answer may have been acceptable - now it just sounds tired and worn out. 1914 happened 91 years ago. Few people

    alive on earth today, can remember this year.

    The Generation of 1914 has passed and all but gone. All we hear now is the "Baby-Boomer" generation, and how it will be difficult to pay them social security benefits.

    What do you think? How long can this huge behemoth of a publishing company, act like a rudderless ship?

  • inquirer

    This is one of those "cook for humans/cook for forty human" topics.

    I know I use that line a lot of the Simpons, but they are like transforming into angels of light like Satan.

    They are like children shifting the blame: "Oh it wasn't me...
    wasn't me... err it wasn't me, no it was him, no it was the other guy!"


  • Nosferatu
    What happens next for the Watchtower Society?

    2014 will hit, and then the membership will start to drop. The end will have been around the corner for 100 years. People will walk out saying "Around the corner, my ass!" Unless they reinforce the 2034 idea, 2014 will hit them pretty badly.

  • truthseeker

    Good point Nosferatu. I mean, only cognitive dissonance can keep reinforcing the 1914 doctrine. When that goes, it'll be dominos.

  • jula71

    I'm with Nosferatu, after a century I think many will start leaving. But then again..the real hard core ones will say, "100 years have gone by, now we're REALLLLY close!!!!!" Wouldn't surprise me.


  • RunningMan

    There are several reasons for their current membership malaise in developed countries, but I believe the biggest is the tiring out of their chronology. They have always used numerology to scare people into a sense of urgency. But, the old 1914 line is getting very very hard to sell these days.

    Now, what did they do last time their chronology tired out - back in the 1920s? They revamped all the dates, lost 80% of their membership and started fresh. I don't believe that will work again. Their only options are to either ride this pony until it drops dead completely, or go mainstream (like Armstrong's WorldWide Church of God). Either way, I see mass defections at some point in the future.

  • slimboyfat
  • slimboyfat
  • Will Power
    Will Power

    They sound as silly as that same quote from the bible 2,000 years ago - the end is near. THE end? or is it YOUR end. (everyone's gonna die sooner or later)

  • slimboyfat

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