My find at an Antique Shop

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  • Country_Woman

    Actually, i love antique too and do have to much already. (in my not so large living: 2 large cupboards one is Mechels with doors-with-glass the other Empire an open china cupboard. and then there is a smal one in the corner, and a antique sewing-machine, and my room is only 25square meters)

    One of my brothers told me once: "blindfolded each shot hit something" and he is right: I could furnish 2 houses with what I have in here.....

    But I am having troubles to getting rid of anything....

    as I said long ago: I am a collector - and was corrected with: we call that a packrat......

  • vitty

    Country woman

    You paid your money cos you like the picture, I wouldnt worry about it. i dont know how much 25 euros are in real money (sterlin) but it was a nice picture LOL

  • Poztate

    OFC...When I click properties on your pictures it shows a link to your C: drive on your computer.You have to upload to a web hosting service or the JWD file upload for us to view.

  • Country_Woman

    Vitty in British pounds it is around 12,5 pounds I think, in US $ 30 roughly. Don't know what the rate of sterlin is.

    Sphere, I took it out of the frame to scan it. it was just a page out of a magazin with columns at the backside..... and it did'nt even fit: to small for the frame...

    I am not sorry that I bought it, it just liked the picture, did'nt even had a clue that it should have been very valuable once it was a real Waterhouse (cos I never heard the name before)- but I hate it that they fooled me.

  • Country_Woman

    OFC - you made it your avatar : too small to let us really see it.

  • orangefatcat

    darn it I am going to explode in a minute. I just can't believe I uploaded that book to my avatar and to make matters worse its ugly.


  • Country_Woman

    easy OFC, just easy.

    Stay calm and you will manage.

    Go to files, go to "turn over the pages"

    go to where the picture is on your HD and choose (and choose what size the picture have to be)

    then upload the picture...

    and else you ask your son to do the trick when he is in your house. Viv used to do it for me untill I learned to do it myself....

  • orangefatcat
  • Country_Woman

    I take it that your son has to do the job.....

  • Mary

    OFC: quick! Get rid of that book!! Don't you know you're not supposed to buy anything in an Antique Shop!! It's probably deeemun possessed!!!

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