Anyone Here from No Calif?

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  • lucky

    Brother Snow was the CO for my circuit when I was probably in my early to mid teens. Everyone in our congregation loved him.

  • jeanniebeanz
    Anyone remember Harry and Mary Snow? He was my CO uncle

    *thinks he's hot stuff*

    Yes, he does.

    It was Harry Snow who told my father in 1962 that he hoped to "slap him in the face with a shovel before Armageddon came" after his JC. My father was not notified that there was going to be a JC, and by the time he found out and could have presented evidence which would have made a difference in my family, the disfellowshipping had already occured. The slap comment happened to his face outside the hall. My parents were devastated.


    (edited to add: the 'yes he does' comment was toward Harry, not you Gumb Dude.)

  • Quotes

    I lived in Novato, CA during all of 1994.

    My wife's Aunt & Uncle (never dubs) lived in Paradise forever (hey, that sounds funny! Paradise foever); but they have since moved to Palm Springs (not the rich part, I assure you).

    ~Quotes, of the "misses the Bay Area" class

  • hopelesslystained

    Bay Area, but never attended any meetings in the area. That was in S. Cal

  • gumby

    Jeannie beanz....ya knucklehead! The *thinks he's hot stuff* comment was about me....not Harry

    Harry was an awesome guy in my book and an honest man. He was from the slap in the face with a shovel comment no doubt came from there. I can see him saying that out of concern for the person.....but not in hate. There is a topic about him here written by Amazing1914 somewhere if you want to read a bit about him there.


  • truebloom

    Hi, new to this forum. I'm from the east bay, from Contra Costa Valley, San Ramon area.

  • gumby

    Hi Truebloom.....,and a warm welcome to you.


  • AshtonCA

    bay area here too. Concord CA


  • Aude_Sapere

    I used to have a witness friend up in Rocklin. ('Janie V')

    Lost touch with her since I'm out for 13 years now.


  • simplesally

    Quotes......... pm me........... I lived in Novato in 94......... went to the kh hall.

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