Blood- would you/have you given/taken it?

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  • Crumpet

    Since leaving the JWs and joining my current company I get asked every six months to give blood. I've never done it and still feel as if I had an accident I would be very reluctant to have a transfusion.

    If its not too personal can I ask what others views are on this and your experiences if any?


  • wannaexit

    If the need arose I definitely would take blood.

    I would also give if I could.


  • prophecor

    Hi Crumpet, I wouldn't have a problem giving blood, as they use it for purposes other than mere blood transfusions, I still, witness or not, would have a problem accepting a blood transfusion.

  • whyamihere

    My son had to have Surgery early this year. They asked me to sign papers just in case if anything would happen they would give him blood.

    I had flash backs of everyone saying how wrong it is.... and it's against god's laws etc etc etc.....I then looked at my son Jack and said ok. I signed the papers. Seeing my son gave me the answer of its ok.


  • blondie

    I would accept blood since there is no difference between accepting Polyheme or another hemoglobin-based product (hemoglobin a FRACTION allowed by the WTS). Polyheme and such products are made out of out-dated stored blood which according to the WTS should have been poured out.

    I accept the risks of other medical treatment.

    Now that I have donated blood (I am a universal donor and quite popular) several times and seen the process (recently tightened up in the last 2 months), I am confident of the safety measures in place.


  • mrsjones5

    Every day, NMDP donor centers and recruitment groups work to recruit more donors to diversify the Registry. American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian, Black and African American, Hispanic and Latino, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, and multiple-race patients face a greater challenge in finding a match than White patients.

    I suggest that anyone, if they can, especially if they are people of color, to sign up as a blood marrow donor. It can save a life.


  • aniron

    My son 29, ex-JW, had severe anaemia Jan 2004, he was taken into hospital immediately, after the Doctor got results of his blood test.

    He was given three units of blood, plus iron injections. The Doctor said that the injectons on their own would not have been any good. As my son needed the red blood cells to take the iron around his body so it could be used to make more blood. If he hadn't have had the blood he would have died.


    Then Jesus asked them, ?Which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or to kill?? But they remained silent. Mark 3:4

    Then Jesus said to them, ?I ask you, which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or to destroy it?? Luke 6:9

    In other words if its a choice between keeping Gods Law and or breaking it to save a life, YOU BREAK THE LAW.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I have, and my body produces, all the blood I need. I'm not ever donating any, oraccepting anyone else's.

    It's one of those JW things I subscribe to. Perhaps this doctrine is written too deep in my hard drive and cannot be overridden.


  • adelmaal

    I have not donated. I plan to add myself to the bone marrow registry after I deliver my baby so should a match be found for a transplant I could be a donor. I would accept blood for myself or my children only as a last resort. I believe doctors are more and moreso moving toward using blood as a last resort anyways. I do not believe the Bible condemns blood transfusions but I also believe it is risky to take someone else's blood into your body if it is not absolutely necessary. There are so many conditions that could be introduced such as: lupus, diabetes, leukemia, etc. Whose to say you will not end up predisposed to one of those things after taking a blood transfusion. Not that I'm an expert or anything. In a life or death situation I believe the benefits of a blood transfusion outweigh the risks though so I would opt for the transfusion. I would never allow my child to die because I refused him/her blood. I don't believe God would want me to either.

    I just spoke with my one JW friend the other day and I researched some drugs for her. She is in the beginning stages of pregnancy and has Lupus. Her iron count is extremely low. We found that EPO and Iron Glucose can be taken in conjunction with eachother via IV to raise her iron count to acceptable levels. She, of course, would not take a transfusion if offered one because she believes it is wrong based on JW logic but this alternative seems to be working fine and does not put the baby at risk.

    I think the benefits of a transfusion must outweigh the risks prior to making the decision to accept one. I do not believe it is a religious delimna(SP?) in any way though. The Bible in the OT said not to eat the blood or fat of a sacrificed animal. How JWs equate that to not taking blood transfused from a human is beyond me!

  • Fe2O3Girl

    I started donating blood when the blood transfusion service visited my work place. I try to donate as regularly as possible, but I cannot donate at present. Maybe my donation will go into a fraction accepted by a JW.

    I am also registered with the bone marrow donor service.

    I would not hesitate to accept a transfusion if a health professional considered one to be necessary.

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