Should I go to college or pioneer??? Hmmmm...

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  • Xanthippe

    Go to college, have fun, learn stuff, qualify for a decent job to give you a decent standard of living, travel, explore, create.


    Be a cabbage for Jesus and live in poverty.

    Hmm tough choice.

    Oh and Morpheus before you pipe up again it's satire,  I know.

    LMAO Sorry if I threw some of you off it is only SATIRE. The screen shot is from a recent JW BROADCAST video on their advertising and marketing website, so it is a very real and serious question many young Rank & File JW will be asking themselves soon. They will be almost forced into Pioneer Service by a majority of Rank & File JW parents who having been grooming their children since in the womb to be great WBATS employees.
  • Heaven

    ;0)   No worries ADJUSTMENTS... we got it.  Some of us post for the lurkers. 

  • WTWizard

    Usually college would be the better option.  And even with Saturn in Sagittarius, pious-sneering is a very bad option (regardless of when).  Your practical options are to start college in late June but before September 18 when Saturn will return to Sagittarius, start in the spring of 2018, or get training for a specific career.  Saturn in Sagittarius is bad for starting college, and with the instability of the dollar, you are likely to be in debt which will get revalued.  The better option would be to put the college money into silver and wait for the dollar to become toilet paper.  Your college tuition will come down sharply, and you might get a full 4 year degree for a tub of silver (or even less).

    This might not be viable if you have a full scholarship.  If that is the case, you will get through with zero debt.  The full scholarship amounts to a voucher for college that cannot be otherwise redeemed, and you might just as well take full advantage of that voucher.  Also, if you have a parent that is paying in full for college (with your other parent threatening to cut you off so they can retain jokehovian status), you should take advantage of that.  Otherwise, the funds will end up, not as silver or gold, but in the Worldwide Damnation Fund and you will get nothing.  Either way, now with Saturn in Sagittarius, prepare to do a lot of cross research on science and history studies.  That will assist you later, when Saturn leaves Sagittarius late in 2017.

  • NewYork44M

    I went to college while serving as an elder. The key to my success was not broadcasting what I was doing. You will be surprised how little people care, as long as you don't tell no one will ask.

    There is no reason why you couldn't manufacture 90 hours a month while going to college. 

  • Xanthippe
    There is no reason why you couldn't manufacture 90 hours a month while going to college. 

    Although people might find it strange you are never out in FS wouldn't they? Just sayin....

    Xanthpipe it is a business at the end of the day all they are concerned with are numbers and margins, so if you only got 10 hrs and you say you got 90 the elders are like pigs in shit! The issue comes in when sincere Rank and File JW like yourself and I used to be start getting guilt trips and think Jehovah is going to remove all blessings from us for fudging the numbers... It's a game you just have to play it well! Ha
  • Xanthippe
    I agree they don't deserve honesty having lied to millions of people for over a hundred years. Play the game, just don't get caught while trying to fade if you need to keep in with JW family that's all I was saying.
  • antes8080
    there is 15 years left so college!!
  • DesirousOfChange

    The screen shot is from a recent JW BROADCAST video on their advertising and marketing website,

    Embarrassed to say I watched most of that broadcast and I recognized the screen shot.  Sadly, it was the story of an elderly JW widow that started with the statement: "I never thought I'd be this old in the wicked system of things!" But does she go on and suggest young persons improve their situation in life? NO!  They too should waste their life away and pioneer just like she did (she still reports 15 min as an infirm Reg Pioneer). BARF!

    TAKE NOTE: I see the WTS dealing with "issues" (like the 100 year anniversary of the Kingdom) "head-on" instead of pretending these things will go away.  Remember how all the JWs were celebrating the "100 Years of Nothing Has Happened" at the District Regional Conventions? The WTS told them they should be celebrating vs questioning why nothing has happened as was promised. SO, they celebrated.  DUH?

    Some older JWs are asking that question from a negative context.  I believe this is an effort to turn that trend around and put a positive spin on it.  Still no End in sight.

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