mmnnnnn ... who makes you just "melt"

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  • Lehaa

    Welcome rossomax

  • Latte

    Norah Jones is so soothing on the ears...and nerves! Lovely.

    I do like Dean Martin 'Sweet...sweet.. memories you gave me' and 'Amourie'

    You have great taste Simon!

  • nicolaou

    I go through phases but right now I'm loving Eva Cassidy. I posted this link just a few days back, please listen to it and you will melt. She recorded this astonishing version of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' before she died some years ago from skin cancer.

    This is a free & legal download - I've virus scanned it and it's clean. Trust me. Download this mp3 and play it now - you won't be disappointed!


  • Insomniac

    Under74- I agree with you- Otis had the sound! He did a song called Cigarettes and Coffee, that's my fave. So sad that he died so young.

    HEY!!! The guy on the radio just announced that Ray LaMontagne will be on the David Letterman show tonight (wednesday) so if any of y'all want to hear him, tune in.

  • zaphod

    i have to agree with my gran and say nat king cole

    listening to him is like drowning in sweet, melted chocolate. (how you'd expect it to be, though, not actually how it would be, because it would actually be quite horrid)


  • prophecor

    This is one of the few men that I will allow to move me. His spirit is reflective of who I am, and some of who I ascribe to be. 2U Sting!!!

  • Crumpet

    Bo Bice out of American Idol has a F***Me voice.

    But just to show I am not completely musically unsound then can I add Suzanne Vega and Melanie whilst adding my applause to Preston's comments re Anthony Hopkins, who may not sing, but he does talk on the Hannibal soundtrack.

    And also spanish singer Lole (in particular Tu Mira from Kill Bill 2) - its not so much melting as makes all my hairs stand on end! Imagine!

  • findingme

    Loreena McKennitt is my favorite. I wouldn't necessarily say she makes me "melt", but her voice is beautiful and soothing.

  • findingme

    I like men's voices to be very strong and powerful, like James Earl Jones'.

  • delilah

    i have to say it's Maynard from Tool and A Perfect Circle...he's very HOT..........his voice "takes me there " everytime....


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