I just wanna know WHY ! ! ??

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    The "paradise" will become an increasingly miserable police state. Jehovah's going to need somebody to blame for the mess. So when things go bad, probably in about 15 years after the big A, Jehovah will grant Satan an early release so Jehovah can point to him, saying it's all Satan's fault..
  • stuckinarut2

    Yep that's right Billy!

    Because god, who supposedly created EVERYTHING can't accept responsibility over his own creations.....

  • freemindfade

    According to the bible satan committed the original sin, not adam and eve, even the WTS says this I believe in the insight book under sin. It started in heaven with him. How the f%$k does he get off so easy, when adam and eve get smited right away and countless billions of their kids suffer...

    the bible is nonsense 

  • brandnew

    Wow thank er body........great posts.......

    @ Billy The Ex Bethelite........my thoughts exactly...on the dot.

  • brandnew

    @ freemindfade.....

    Nonsense......total nonsense

  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake

    If you actually read the order proscribed in revelation (chap 21 I believe), the abyssing for 1000 years takes place at the start of christs reign. Then the elect are raised, the rest of the dead are not raised until the END of christs reign. After the thousand years the devil is let loose for the final war, which is Armageddon, not some post new world battle. He loses and is imprisoned for all time. THEN the dead are raised and judged, death is done away with, and the new world, having been reconciled to perfection, begins. 

    This is is the actual order found in revelation. And it matches 1 Cor (chapter 15 I believe). The witnesses are wrong about the post armeggeddon test, and you are right - after armeggeddon, which takes place at the END of christs reign, the devil is permanently done away with.

  • brandnew
    FAR OUT! ! !
  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake


    Also if you consider 1 Thessalonians, and the fact that Christ said he would return and take up the elect before John died - this leads one to the conclusion that Christ didn't assume the throne in 1914, but at some point a very long time ago. Christ himself said he would raise the elect up before john died. So the elect were raised way back around 100 AD and sealed. His reign would have begun after this, once his enemies were placed "as a stool for his feet." The devil was abyssed at this time, a very long time ago. So, we are living at the time he has been freed from the abyss and is gathering the nations together for the final war. There is no post armeggeddon test, 1914 is wrong, and this chronology in rev, along with statements by Christ and the book of 1 these all harmonize this is true. 

  • Hairtrigger

    First: Perfect couple  fail the test with the evil guy.

    Then: He wants to test imperfect humans with the same guy.

    After:  He kills off almost all imperfect humans because they like what the other guy brings to the table.

    THEN: He decides to allow the obedient ones to live for a thousand years. Just to release the evil one again to see how many fail the test and die

    Here's my q. How does the evil one get to live century after century ,millinium after millinium while the first couple are dead in less than 1000 years? inpartial divine justice? you've got to be shitting me.

    And the evil one is allowed to kill off more people by tempting them into badness.

    Just Jewish horseshit that passed off religion in the minds of millions. Thank goodnesss for science ,rationality and modern thinkers like Richard Dawkins , Steve Hawkins and the rest of the great scientifiv minds of our age, that has allowed we un's to get out of this god delusion.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Because, as I'm slowly starting to accept, it's all horsecrap

    Yeah, me too.

    It's NOT the conclusion I wanted to come to, but it seem to be the inevitable conclusion.


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