My Mom is so upset she is skipping meetings!

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    Wow looking good quotes, keep us posted es

  • IT Support
    IT Support


    What viewer are you viewing the file with?

    I use IrfanView: it handles tifs (including multi-page) perfectly

    Are you... saving in local and then launching another application (preferred method).


    I tried d/l it again. The first two times it again copied a single-page, 64k version, but thereafter it copied the full file perfectly. Go figure!

    Each time I initiated the copy by right-clicking on the link and selecting 'Save target as..'

    At any rate, if you are having problems, others likely are having even more probs. I will look at either splitting the file or making it a PDF instead.

    I don't know if it's necessary to bother if nobody else has had a problem. It might have been some quirk in my setup. (It was a download problem rather than a viewing problem. I use Maxthon, which is an IE-wrap-around, for maximum IE-compatibility: maybe it was to blame...)

    Personally, I prefer tifs. Anyway, aren't they supposed to be far more efficient than pdfs?


  • Whiskeyjack

    Thanks for the good news about your mum Quotes! I still have hopes for my parents since you never know when an incident may come along to "open" their eyes that they can't ignore.

    "Christian Learning Centre" seems a nice innocuous and generic label for the United States if the org. is looking to "blend in" with the American Christaian "Right". Thw WTS does seem to be striving for a "low" public profile from what I've been reading here (very different from earlier decades). Does anyone else heard of "CLC's"?


  • mouthy

    Congratulations, Quotes. I would LOVE to know how many people have been helped by reading your web site

    Well that made my day ---- Must keep Quotes Mum top of our prayer,good vibes, thoughts list.!!!WHEN! I did say WHEN she DOES come out I want to tell her how WONDERFUL her son is.... & how many, many people he has helped out of slavery....But yes I must agree go careful she might feel guilty if she finds TOO much against the" LIE"& start fearing! But TRUE LOVE ( which you have ) NEVER fails (((HUGS))) I agree with the below that was posted.

    Congratulations, Quotes. I would LOVE to know how many people have been helped by reading your web site

  • BrendaCloutier
    It is great that your mom keeps in touch with you. If she is starting to wake up to the reality of the Watchtower, it will be a painful and confusing time for her. It sounds like your dad is a hardliner, which won't make things any easier for her.

    I can't help but agree. To loose one's footing after so many years is traumatic. I'm glad you are a good son and can help catch her if/when she falls. Surely your dad won't.

    Love and hugs to you both!

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