Are Kingdom Halls ever used for AA Meetings?

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  • TresHappy

    I found this article online and thought it quite interesting. I always thought KH's were used for KH business only...

    The weekend shooting death of Harvey County sheriff's Deputy Kurt Ford could lead to murder charges today against a Newton man.

    Several of those who know Greg Moore said his life began deteriorating several years ago after he stopped attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall just up the street from his house.

    "He drank a lot -- I know that," said Doug Foulk, who lives in the neighborhood and worked with Moore at Excel Industries in Hesston for several years in the 1990s. "He'd been in trouble with the cops quite a bit."

    Harvey County Sheriff Byron Motter said his officers had had previous contact with Moore, but he declined to elaborate.

    Several of Moore's acquaintances said his life appeared to take a turn for the worse when his wife, Gwen, got sick with cancer and died in 1997.

    Court records show that Moore filed for bankruptcy the next year, listing assets of $37,210 and liabilities of $85,409. Some of the unpaid debts appeared to be medical bills that arose from his wife's illness.

    The Kansas Bureau of Investigation said Ford, 38, and Hesston police Detective Chris Eilert, 33, were both shot about 3 a.m. Saturday as they responded to a domestic violence call at Moore's home at 131 S.E. 14th in Newton. Ford and Eilert were on Harvey County's Emergency Response Team.

    After attempting to talk Moore out of the house, law enforcement officials said, Ford and Eilert broke through the front door when they heard a woman being beaten.

    Eilert, who was shot four times, was in fair condition Sunday at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita.

    Motter said KBI agents would meet today with Harvey County prosecutors, and he said he expected Moore to appear in court before the end of the day.

    In Kansas, the murder of a law enforcement officer is a capital crime, but the status of the state's death penalty is in limbo after the Kansas Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional in December, then stayed its own ruling to allow time for it to be appealed by the Kansas attorney general's office.

    Charges in the January shooting death of Greenwood County Sheriff Matt Samuels were filed in federal court in an effort to ensure that Cheever could be tried for capital murder, but Motter said he expected the Newton case to go through Harvey County District Court.

    Tom Shane, who has been the chaplain for the Harvey County sheriff's office for 30 years, said Sunday that everyone in the sheriff's department was saddened by Ford's death, but he said they were also willing to continue doing their jobs.

    "This was a friend," Shane said. "This was a colleague -- a very, very well liked and respected officer.

    "When you lose a colleague, there's a hole in your department, and there's a hole in your heart."

    Motter agreed that all 32 members of the department, which includes 15 sheriff's officers, were heartbroken by Ford's death.

    "It's very rough on us," Motter said. "We're like a family here."

    Motter said he expected a large contingent of law enforcement officers to attend Ford's funeral on Wednesday. Some will come from the Douglas County sheriff's office in Colorado, where Ford worked before returning to his hometown on Jan. 1.

    "We know they'll be coming," Motter said of the Colorado group. "We're trying to find the biggest church in town."

    It was later announced that the services would be held at the Grace Community Church in Newton.

  • blondie

    Not that I ever heard of.

    I do know that congregations w/o KHs will rent space in a public building. Could it be that the congregation and the AA meeting attenders were renting space in the same public building?

    There was a time that I knew of an elder that independently held meetings for JW alcoholics in his home...but the elder body and CO put an end to that.


  • whyamihere

    If all my family goes to a meeting its a AA meeting!


  • confusedjw

    I know that the directive from the society is that the KH will not be used for any other function.

  • Dansk
    the directive from the society is that the KH will not be used for any other function.

    That's what we were always told!

  • Preston

    If I ever become a JW again I'll need help from AA big time...

    "What are you doing tonite Preston?"

    "I'm goin to the meeting for my meeting"

    - Preston

  • JAVA

    ** Could it be that the congregation and the AA meeting attenders were renting space in the same public building? **

    If there was an AA Meeting at the same location of a KH, I believe Blondie's suggestion could be the answer to the mystery question.

    I did PR for our circuit and district assemblies, and was amazed how the media could screw up names, locations, and about anything else you fed them. I wouldn't be surprised if the article was wrong about the location, which would be another possible answer to the question.

  • Pubsinger

    That would be getting involved with the world and would be dangerously close to working with the community for the common good.

  • FairMind

    Most of the alcoholics I've known in the congregations were not really anonymous. In a serious vein, the WTS has said that if a brother or sister has a drinking problem that it would not be wrong to get help from AA if that is what it takes. Remember, Drunkards Will Not Inherit Gods Kingdom.

  • JAVA

    ** Remember, Drunkards Will Not Inherit Gods Kingdom. **

    I guess we won't see the Second President of the Tower in Never-Never Land. :)

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