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  • Qcmbr

    I just taught my little girl to punch properly. I told her if someone picks on her to give them a swift welt and they would stay away from her. Violence sucks but being bullied can lay down scars for life and affect someone far more than a quick piece of retribution.

    I also taught her that hitting first is not acceptable but neither is allowing herself to be hit / bullied. I spent some time teaching her how to kick the shins when fighting and how to catch someones foot if they kicked you and twist them onto their ar*e. Next day at school the class renegade was duely deposited on his kishter and since then hasn't come near my little tiger. What made me proud is that she approached it maturely , told him to stop in a loud voice and then dispensed justice when the twerp kept it up.

    I was bullied at school but not for long. The length of the bullying was in direct proportion to my acquiesence with it. I think maybe we over analyse in this day and age.

  • swiftbreeze

    tell him to put a watchtower in his back pocket. Thats what the elders used to tell the boys in my cong. they said that the gangs would leave them alone if they did this. ( we were all like...yeeaah right)

  • Crumpet

    First off this is definitely not for a 6 year old to use, but I had to share it as it made me laugh. The other night Stephen Fry (director of forthcoming Hitchikers Guide and all round genius and rampant homo) was telling Parkinson how he dealt with bullying. If boys at his school started trying to pick a fight and wrestling with him - he would say "Oh God - don't touch me - I only get a massive erection!" And of course the boys left him alone!

  • Robdar

    When my son was younger and we had a bully in the neighborhood, I tried talking to the boy and to his parents. After speaking to his parents, I finally understood why the kid was a bully.

    Unfortunately, there is only one way to handle a bully--beat the snot out of him. Teach your kid how to defend himself. Karate is a good idea. If you can't afford lessons, hold up a sofa cushion and teach your kid how to punch and kick it. Pinning is also a good self defense technique if the kid is bigger than your son. Teach your kid how to tackle him, pin him and beat the crap out of him. Then, when the bully is bloodied and crying, tell your son to help him up, and shake his hand saying "good fight". He will then gain an ally.

    Good luck,


  • kwintestal

    If he's sticking something in the spokes of your kids bike, get your kid to run him over. If your guy is going to fall anyway, he might as well bring the other kid down with him. Then the other guy might think twice. You might want to buy elbow pads!

    Good luck!


  • Scully


    If you tune in to Dr Phil today and tomorrow, the shows are about bullying.

    Barbara Coloroso's new book about Bullying

  • adelmaal

    No offense Min, it sounds like you were being light-hearted, but this is not a good suggestion:

    if you're a little guy, use a bat

    A local Los Angeles 13 year old just literally killed a 15 year old by hitting him in the head with a baseball bat at the Pony League field the other day because he was being teased by him.

    It's too bad there aren't programs through the police station to scare bullies into their senses (or are there?). I'm sure a good talk from a police officer would be more than a bully and his/her parents would need to change their stripes pretty quickly.

    I once had a friend whose son was being bullied by the kid up the street. My friend decided to take this child's bike from him and let him know that he could tell his parents where to find his bike. She wrote down her address for him to give to his parents. Needless to say, his parents showed up at her doorstep and she explained what her son had been doing to her child. Her son was embarassed but the bullying stopped. Parents need to take action and I think it needs to start with the other child's parents then move up the chain to the school principal, the police, etc. Keep a record of it.

    Personally, I would first speak with the parents. I would let them know what their son has been doing and that I would be contacting the police the next time anything happened. I would also let them know I would be putting the school on alert to his behaviour.

    I would let my son know (as we already have) that he is to defend himself in situations like these. If someone is bullying him and trying to hurt him he is to punch them and let us know about it. Self defense classes would probably be a good idea too. We have been considering them for our children.

  • G Money
    G Money


    Try to talk to the parents or the building manager, the childs lack o supervision / behaviour could be violating the lease (harassing other tenants). Find out if the parents are here legally and if not, threaten to have them booted out of the country. Sounds like you live in a very colourful neighbourhood. Why not move? I'd press charges or file a police report if it happened as the police have bilingual staff, usually.

    While fighting back is good (I beat up many bullies in my younger years) it isn't my choice for such a child of tender years.

  • adelmaal

    Here's a website I found that might have some good resources for you? My son is just turning 7 and I have always worried about him being bullied and what he would do in the situation. He is very sweet, fair and non-confrontational. We have tried to talk to him about defending himself, letting adults know when someone is bullying and looking out for others as well. I hope you are able to improve the situation for your son's sake.

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