The Faithful and Discreet Slave / I am also Muhammad

by Brownboy 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • MegaDude

    We should follow the advice of Muhammad in some recently discovered scrolls. It says coincidentally....

    "I shall certainly scoff at Brownboy and his trollish ways. For he is of the big low forehead, the ranting tongue, the trollish spirit. For his sayings are like a privy, full and overflowing. And I shall pour out my wrath upon the Brown One and certainly he will quake in fear and his undergarments will be filled with brown. And you will have to know the real reason the troll is so named Brown Boy. And those that listen and posteth to the One with Brown-filled Undergarments shall be accursed."

  • ellderwho
    Actually my real name is Jose Greco...I can clean your grout and do landscaping

    - Preston

    Preston, you cracked me up big time.......thanks, man that was funny!

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