Would you leave anything in your will for dub relatives?

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  • unbeliever

    I have been putting my affairs in order because well you just never know what tomorrow will bring. I have an insurance policy. I am planning to add my nephew to it. I was thinking about adding my mom. She has a very small retirement and well she will be working for many years to come even though she is nearing retirement age. She has her house paid for thank goodness.

    She has chose that cult over us so many times I have lost count. I feel an obligation to leave her something and I feel guilty because I did not make her a benefericary from the beginning. I can so see her giving the cult money but at the same time she could retire.

    Anyone else been in this position?

  • EvilForce

    I am a gay male. I am taking care of my husband first and foremost, but I am also leaving a fair amount of money to my parents and siblings. What they do with it is there biz. I love them and will take care of them in case of an unfortunate demise. I think the secret to it is to leave enough for them to live on but not so much as to have so much extra they need to figure out where to spend it or give it to the JW's.

  • kls

    Well i only have my JW husband in the cult so he owns half of everything i do but even if i had family in , i think i would leave them in my will. When i am dead i don't care and yes they may give some to the org but at least they will have the means to have something to help themselves financially.

  • Euphemism

    My parents don't have much of a retirement fund because they spent over 20 years pioneering and 'serving where the need is great'. They'll probably have an inheritance from my non-witness grandparents, but if that's not enough you can bet I'll help them out.

    They're still family; if I rejected them, I'd be as bad as the cult.

  • Honesty

    Since I only have $300 ----- in liquid assets I left 1/3 to my non-JW son, 1/3 to my JW son and the remaining 1/3 to the young Christian who helped deprogram me out of a very destructive and dangerous cult. All non liquid assets also go to this young Christian simply because I am finally free from slavery. My JW ex-spouse gets the exact same thing she put into our marriage.

  • funkyderek

    Maybe my copy of Crisis of Conscience

  • Honesty
    Maybe my copy of Crisis of Conscience

    Donate it to the library because if the relatives burn it they have to replace it.

  • Dansk

    Absolutely NOT! They're sure to make a donation to the Borg! Anyone in the Borg when I die gets NOWT - it's already made enough money out of my family and I, besides breaking my family up!


  • The Leological One
    The Leological One


    I can only speak for what I might do in the situation, based on my feelings, but hopefully this might help at all...

    I've never been a JW but am a Christian (married to a DF'd JW); I would think that as long as I felt the mother really had total faith that the org was the "Truth" and wasn't seeming to just hold things out as a lame excuse, I'd feel compelled to be compassionate anyway. Being a Christian, I'd feel additionally compelled to help based on my beliefs, and I'd also want to prove to her that people other than JW's have hearts and actual and practical truth~!

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Looks like I'm being out of my father's inheritance. Just found out that he gave his house to my daughter (his granddaughter). There are six other grandchildren. My daughter is a loyal dub, he does have one other granddaughter that is also loyal. I just sent a letter to my daughter asking for an explanation. Waiting for an answer. It's interesting how I took care of my father and mother for years. My mother had Alzheimers for about seven years and it was a horrific situation. I had almost no help from relatives or "friends" in the congregation. Now that an inheritance is involved all of a sudden there are relatives and friends galore that are suddenly there for him. I haven't been told specifically, but I'm sure I'm going to hear that the reason for giving my daughter the house is because I am not attending meetings and I'm inactive.

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