what's the deal in the 'new system'?

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  • ballistic

    Did the subject of bacteria come up - I mean, there are "good" and "bad" bacteria, so are they going to be sorted sheep from the goats... and God will kill off all the bad bacteria in a miniture Armagedon, and an angel passes over with a bottle of domestos.

  • swiftbreeze

    i stopped speculating about the pair o dice a long time ago...got tired of wondering. Most of the speculation seemed to be kinda dumb. and the pictures on the mag etc seemed boring...then i thought about how i hated going to gatherings with my cong. so i know i would not want to spend eternity eating grapes with them.

  • heathen

    LOL swiftbreeze ---- Yah that is kinda hard to stomach .

  • diamondblue1974

    I think back to the times when I would out on the ministry and I am completely embarassed that I would try and peddle this complete and utter bollocks to rational and intelligent people and wonder why they didnt believe me.

    I am pleased to be free...

  • TonyT

    Do some of us need to adjust our attitude?

    Who among us could object to spending eternity smiling at bountiful baskets of fruit as lambs and lions frolic in our midst?

  • ballistic
    Who among us could object to spending eternity smiling at bountiful baskets of fruit as lambs and lions frolic in our midst

    Sounds like paradise, although... lets think... a few beers wouldn't go a miss... Maybe a pool... Perhaps some of the ladies could slip into something a bit more comfortable. Lets have some music. And a BBQ with proper meat on it! Now that would be paradise!!! Who's coming to my apostfest?

  • kilroy2

    You know the society leaves the detail of what it will be like after the big a a little vague, and I think this is to let every one have a vision of something to believe in, I worked with an retentive elder R Jay that would always turn the usual conversation about I am getting a sail boat, or what ever some one wanted to do, to You will work so hard, you have never worked as hard as you will after the big one.

    This guy was a total asshole, and still is. He married me and the wife, not a good memory, When we were on the job he [cunstruction] and another non dubber trade would show up, he would crank the radio on npr radio and play clasical, I dont mind clasical, but prefer blues, jazz, or rock, the plumbers. electriction, ect. would get pissed off to the max, as he would not let any one else play any thing other than what he was palying, can you say control freak?

  • Preston

    Hey...It's Brummie with the beach ball!!! And hey, did anyone notice Panda up front?

    - Preston

  • ellderwho

    Check out the girl on the right..... is that a glass of wine ??

    And the dude in the back left???? more wine?????

  • Quotes

    Even the Watchtowerism's own image of the "new system" doesn't make ANY sense.

    A quick reality check:

    *ALL* the clothes I've ever seen in an WT image shows CLOTH; appears to be cotton, often you see patterned cloth. This means TEXTILE MILLS, which means TEXTILE WORKERS which means NOT EVERYONE can be a farmer producing their own food.

    Furthermore, (for those not working in the textile mills) Producing your own food will be a FULL TIME JOB, back breaking, and mind-numbingly boring (if you are accustomed to spending your day online). Even if you have agricultural machinery (i.e. tractors, combine harvester, etc.) it will be damn hard work; without the heavy equipment it will be a struggle to maintain even subsistence level.

    Even the beachball the lion is holding demands: an oil well to drill for crude oil; a petrochemical factory to produce the plastic; and a manufacturing factory to produce the ball; let's not forget a logistics/trucking system to get the ball from the factory to the lion.

    And don't get me started about the metal in what appears to be a metal shaft on the sun shade.

    In short: WT depicts a post-Apocalypse scene which requires systems which they say will no longer exist then. An unrealistic and poorly thought out belief system.

    ~Quotes, of the "even Brooklyn has a fleet of trucks and small busses, just for use around Bethel!" class

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