GB need to go back into hiding like they use to be.

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    Great thread topic. When I resigned as an elder, I quoted some WT articles that said we should "know" the Faithful and Discreet Slave and trust them. I went a bit over the top and said that I did not know any anointed ones so the Governing Body was my only connection to the FDS. (That was before they declared themselves the only FDS.) I said that I knew next to nothing about them. 

    Boy, it makes me wonder if others said similar things as I did because the GB sure has "come out" since then. I don't  have the exact  quote but there's a saying along the lines of "Stay silent and they wonder if you're a fool. Speak and remove all doubt. "


    The GB are F***ed. They had to come from behind the curtain! JWism's days were numbered, they had to start rebranding! The Information Age was killing them. They were being exposed day after day, a death from a thousand cuts!

    They were being exposed just like the RCC! Liars, Pedo-protectors, tax free real estate flipping charlatans! What is a cult leader to do?? 

    You have to remove the mystique and be a "normal" guy! You have to be a sweet ol' Grandpa who "loves you so much!" You need to be a bungling old ding-dong who "Jehovah" uses for some reason. You don't know why, but you are so humbled, you just go with it! Btw, have you seen our Caleb video and our singing literature cart?!? We're freaking idiots! 

    Yep, that's the flip-side. Your cult is slowly dying. 100 years and approximately Jack-shit has happened, so you have to do something! You have to step from the shadows as the collective face to the brand. The problem is that the GB ain't normal! Not by any stretch of the imagination! 

    They are shitting in their own mess-kit. They can't help it. They are deluded cult leaders being called out on their BS. No matter what they do, they look like morons, because they are morons. Stupid videos, 144,000 Club with the Earth spinning the wrong way, lies and misquotes in magazine after magazine, getting old and fat, getting called to court..  

    Someday the shit will really hit the fan, and they will have a skeleton crew at Warwick. A core group of morons, like Rutherford kept when CTR died. Then the cycle of stupidity can begin anew. 


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    You know... I said this exact same thing to my hubby a few days ago.  They should have stayed 'invisible'.
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    Gosh, Data-Dog, don't hold back...

    ...tell us how you really feel.

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