Where are you right this minute?

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  • BrendaCloutier

    Merry, The Clearwater river is incredibly beautiful! I havent seen it in 30 years! But my memories are beautiful.

    I'm in the lower level of our tri-level condo. In my junk/sewing/computer room. Which it is depends upon the angle you view it!

    Just awake, just finished first cuppa joe. Forgot to feed the crows this morning. Bozo.

    Next cup, please!

    Good thread.

  • MerryMagdalene

    I hooked one!!! and from the tension on the line it feels like a big one, too!..................... but prepare to be disappointed GBL... this late morning fisherwoman is wearing a longsleeve black t-shirt and flannel boxers Honesty just sucks sometimes. I think I need to take a creative writing class...


  • jula71

    In work munching on a SUBWAY BMT.......

  • purplesofa

    I am in my little alcove off my living room........listening to music with the windows open in the house......light drizzle rain outside......Birds chirping........my cats are content......Dogs in the backyard running and playing. Azaleas Blooming......

    Life is good here in Arkansas north of Little Rock.

    purps(off work till Monday and ain't going nowhere) enjoying what I slave for.

    come on over!

  • Preston

    In a shotguned shack in another part of the world....

    - Preston (Talking Heads Fan)

  • new boy
    new boy

    Downtown Portland Oregon

    Just got a call from the I.R.S. They want to see me next week!

    Its about 4 years of back taxes.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    I am on the 3rd floor of a large brick building where I work, next to a window overlooking a very large parking lot ringed by very green trees

    typing and reading in between phone calls that come into our call center. Thursdays are often very slow with many minutes between calls with little better to do.

  • jeanniebeanz

    I am sitting in my livingroom of my townhouse which is currently serving as my bedroom/ livingroom/diningroom/computer room because the entire house is torn up for remodel. Plastic drapes everywhere and industrial grade dust is in everything.... *cough,,,cough*

    The windows are open, and Johnny Cat is sitting on the ledge looking out at the birdies playing hide and seek in the bushes outside. Probably thinking, "If I was a few years younger, you birdies would be toast!" Poor old guy.

    It's cloudy and gray and I wish the sun would come out so that I could go for a walk. My arthritis is bugging the *ell out of me today and I'm on 'grumpy old woman mode'.

    Come on out sun, please?.....

    Jeannie (needs another aspirin and a )

  • Pleasuredome
    Just got a call from the I.R.S. They want to see me next week!

    Its about 4 years of back taxes.

    its ok, u dont have to pay it. income tax is unconstitutional.

    i'm at home, in my bedroom, at my desk. i'm just gona see if i can get a gps reference.

  • upside/down
    Just got a call from the I.R.S. They want to see me next week!

    Its about 4 years of back taxes.

    Ain't that the "shits".

    I was in hock (according to them) a little over 100K. From 95-99.

    I waited till 2005, declared bankruptcy and did an offer in compromise for the diff.

    I have been absolved of my tax "sins". I actually owed them nothing, just an overzealous newbie auditor.

    That is the only thing I've experienced in my life that hurt more than what my wife and the WTS put me through... but it's OVER! I think it aged me. They wanted to squeeze every last nickel they felt I owed plus interest and rediculous penalties (100%). But MY government dismissed Egypts debt of $7 Billion just for letting "us" land planes on their soil during the Gulf War. What a crock.

    u/d (of the proud slave citizen of the empire USA class)

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