My new avatar? The well-hung squirrel is out... NICE TO MEET THE REAL ME!

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  • upside/down

    I've come to realization that if the right parameters are met, most can be forgiven... especially with LOTS OF TIME.

    I also accept (this was the hardest) that I'll probably never "forget". But hey I don't remember or harbor any animosity for my there's hope! The Dubs were almost Nazi about me forgiving and FORGETTING ASAP! What do they know about being human?

    No more fear! Actually now they're afraid of me.... kinda nice for a change.


  • franklin J
    franklin J


    nice photo...wish you the best in your situation!


  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge

    U/D...nice picture!!

    Best wishes for you and your family.


  • kls

    Hi U/D ,nice to meet you and yes great picture with a couple of cuties.

  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    ((UD&Mrs.)) That darn cult does make it difficult to have a happy family life, despite the advertized claims. They do their best to foster resentments and make it easy to keep account of injury.

    I found this today, and think it very interesting. It has given me a new way to look at things, and hope you can find benefit.

  • Frog

    heya, I've had the same problem, I've tried numerous times to upload a new pic, but I can still only see the old one of me in a white top. Although I'm using different computers all the time on the University network, so I spose the old pic is still up?? Don't seem to have had any success in overwriting it???

  • upside/down

    AlmostAthiest advice up top fixed my sitch...

    He ask the forum for help...

    you never know.


  • Aude_Sapere

    I missed the pic.

    I'm just blessed with the 'well-hung' squirrel.

    -Aude. (of the 'Missed an Opportunity Because My Day-Job Got in the Way' Class)

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