Bethel: Pathway to Apostasy

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  • ljwtiamb

    The thing that got to me was that all of the rules that were closely followed in the local congs are bypassed at the House.

    I did almost everything in bethel that I saw the local elders going crazy over at my local congo.

    We would drink like crazy, go on the roof to watch 4th of July and New Years fireworks and drink like crazy.

    Had our pick of NY & visiting pioneer skanks and drank like crazy.

    When I finally left and was a local elder again, suddenly I became the loose liberal forgiving elder. The young people just loved to bring their problems to me. I would honestly try to help them without making mountains out of molehills. If they had gone to brother oldfart, he would have them hanging their stained knickers in the congregation for masturbation.

    A group of our elders wanted to reprove a young ex-bethelite for sending a case of beer to his old roommates. I had to nix that idea and told them that I would handle it by speaking with him and some of the elders at bethel. I just pulled him aside and told him to try not being so obvious or they would make life hard for him. He thanked me and gave me some beer and we drank like crazy.

  • upside/down
    they hooked up with "worldly" girls more often then I did and most could drink me under the table

    Now those are the Bethelites I knew of.

    I applied twice and the selfish bastard BOE needed me to stay home and do their dirty work. So much for needing qualified brothers.

    u/d (of the got rejected by Bethel class)

  • doogie
    We would drink like crazy, go on the roof for 4th of July and New Years and drink like crazy.

    Ha! i probably took 10 to 15 years off of my liver's life in my 2 years at bethel. good times, good times...

  • Satanus


    I just pulled him aside and told him to try not being so obvious or they would make life hard for him. He thanked me and gave me some beer and we drank like crazy.

    Love it.


  • upside/down
    took 10 to 15 years off of my liver's life

    Thankfully those "years" come off the backend. So you've pretty much eliminated any stay you may have had in a nursing home. Not a bad trade I might add.


  • Black Man
    Black Man


    That's what was really trippy. You'd have these home overseers or their underlings questioning you about music that they had no clue about. One of my friends had an all-instrumental, jazzy album from the Beastie Boys (The In-Sounds From Way Out - yeah, believe it or not, the Beastie Boys played instruments), and because their name had the word 'beast' in it, they tried to reason with him on how unsound it was to possess an album where the artists are called 'beasts.' In another instance, another of my friends had some "Boss" jeans. He got pulled aside and counseled on why he would wear jeans that would have the word boss on the back pocket and the crotch area and how that sends the wrong message about God's servants. It was this type of micro-managed, self-righteous, judgemental shit like that that was such a turn-off.

  • Black Man
    Black Man


    They did have a lot of nice secular books in the library. It's cool you never had the homeoverseers drama. I will say that I got a chance to get out an travel a lot, and that was cool...............

  • ljwtiamb

    Doogie & updside:

    Yeah, but since you get credited 2 years of bethel service that balances out to 8 - 13 years off the backend.

    Then, add/subtract the 1000 years you get a balance of 987 - 992 years during the millenium just short of the eternity.

    Now multiply that times a time and a half a time * seven (for perfection) - 12 tribes of Israel ...

    Whoa dude you better join back up for some more full time service or else kiss your a?? goodbye!

  • new boy
    new boy

    Well black man at least you could ware jeans. We could not ware them to work {weekends were OK} in the "70"s Knorr thought only "fags" wore jeans.


  • new boy
    new boy

    We clashed with the Home overseers all the time.

    One night about 8:00 p.m. we get this knock on the door.

    Brother? Curtis Johnson { he looked like radar on "MASH} home overseer of the towers, came to our door.

    We invited him in for a drink! He got red in the face said "NO" He was here to talk to us about or room. " It was a disgraceful!

    We had, could you believe It?Of all things. A bull fighting poster on the wall!

    "If it offends you we would take it down"

    "Yes" He said "what if some tour would see it?"

    We said "I guess they would think we were normal like everyone else" ----------We never took it down.


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